UPSC 2017 IAS Exam: Important PIB Articles - April 24

Make in India gets metro boost
  • Local procurement made mandatory
  • 75% of metro cars, 25% of critical equipment and sub-systems to be produced in the country 
  • The Ministry of Urban Development has taken several decisions to promote Make in India campaign which includes certain mandatory conditions to be incorporated in Tender Documents of metro companies for procurement of metro cars and related critical equipment and sub-systems, procurement of only Made in India signalling equipment besides standardizing technical parameters for rolling stock (metro coaches) and signalling equipment
  • Presently, metros are operating in 7 cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Chennai with a total route length of 326 kms. Metro projects with a total route length of 546 kms are under construction in 11 cities and projects with a total route length of 903 kms in 13 cities are under consideration


Renowned Film Director & Actor Shri KasinadhuniViswanath to 
be conferred DadasahebPhalke Award for the year 2016


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