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UPSC 2017 IAS Exam: PIB Summary and Analysis - June 06 and 08

June 06th PIB Summary and Analysis

“Hill Area Development Programme” for Northeast
  • Was launched in Imphal (Manipur)
  • It is aimed at giving a focused attention to the lesser developed hilly areas and will be initiated on a pilot basis in the hilly districts of Manipur


GSLV Mk III Successfully launches GSAT-19 Satellite
  • About GSLV MkIII
    • This was the first orbital mission of GSLV MkIII
    • It weighs 640 ton
    • The third stage is indigenously developed cryogenic engine

The cryogenic stage used liquid Hydrogen and liquid Oxygen as propellants with a total loading of 28 tons


June 06th PIB Summary and Analysis

‘DigiYatra’- A New Digital Experience for Air Travellers
  • DigiYatra’is an industry-led initiative co-ordinated by the aviation ministry. This follows ‘Air Sewa’ which brings together all the stakeholders on a common platform for handling customer grievances and disseminating real-time data
  • ‘DigiYatra’ initiative aims to bring together entire industry to develop a digital ecosystem that will deliver Indian customers a seamless, consistent and paperless service experience at every touch point of their journey
  • DigiYatra’ initiative will transform the flying experience for passengers and position Indian Aviation amongst the most innovative air networks in the world
  • It is in line with the PMs Digital India’s vision to transform the nation into a digitally empowered society
  • The platform will be built on 4 key pillars
    • Connected Passengers
    • Connected Airports
    • Connected Flying
    • Connected Systems

which can make it possible over a period of time for passengers to

  • Plan their trips efficiently by identifying price trends and estimate future airfares at the time of ticket booking
  • Optionally link their Aadhaar to airlines and other ecosystem players at the time of booking for faster airport entry and automated check-ins without requiring any paper-based interventions
  • Walk-through security scannersswiftly owing to advanced biometric security solutions
  • Receive relevant information pertaining to various facilities, protocols, airline timings, queue lengths at airports etc
  • Engage in customised digital offerings at experience zones
  • Get real time notifications about congestion and delays to have greater visibility on the next step of journey
  • Conveniently navigate through the airport using digital guidance systems, interactive kiosks and augmented reality apps
  • Stay connected during flights and indulge in immersive experiences. Also book in-flight services and destination based offerings digitally
  • Get a prompt when their luggage reaches the baggage claim belt
  • Submit grievances, share experiences and provide feedback

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