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UPSC is the government body that conducts the IAS exam every year. The UPSC Prelims are generally held between the months of May and August. Soon after the IAS prelims are held, BYJU’S releases the unofficial UPSC prelims question paper with answers. The UPSC releases the official IAS answer key only after the final results of the UPSC civil services are announced.

Once the IAS prelims exams are over, the next important thing is to check how well you have fared with the IAS answer key 2016 prelims. BYJU’S present the official civil service answer key 2016 that the UPSC released. With the official answer key of IAS Prelims 2016, you can calculate exactly how much you scored.

Click on the link below for the official answer key IAS Prelim 2016:

IAS Exam 2016 Answer Key.

BYJU’S also releases UPSC prelims question paper with answers even before the official one is released by the UPSC. According to our students, BYJU’S answer key IAS pre is the one that is closest to the UPSC official IAS prelims exam answer key.

For the unofficial UPSC key answers 2016 prelims, click on the link below:

ANSWER KEY: UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2016 General Studies Paper – 1

This year the IAS Prelims would be held on 18th June 2017. Watch out for BYJU’S answer key of Prelims 2017 soon after!

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You can download the question papers of the past prelims exams from here.

The answer keys of the prelims papers are available from the following link:

UPSC Downloads

Also get the solutions to the UPSC Prelims 2017 from the links below:

UPSC Prelims 2017 GS Paper 1 Solved

UPSC IAS Prelims 2017 CSAT Paper-II Solved

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