E-prison is a repository of vital information about inmates lodged in prisons. Such information can be accessed in real-time and relayed to courts and prison officers involved in the criminal justice system.

Recently, the Ministry of Home Affairs has extended financial support to different states and union territories to develop the E-prison project and has consequently released associated funds to enable the installation of the project.

In this article, discussed are the components, significance and objectives of e-prisons for the reference of government exam aspirants. Also, learn about the Criminal Justice System in India at the linked article.

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Everything About E Prison Project

At the forefront of the objectives of the E prison project is the computerisation of the functioning of prisons all over the country. This has been made operational in every state and union territory so far. Bihar is the first state to computerize its prisons under the e prison project in the country. The project also provides for the formation of an e prison application suite that will integrate all the activities associated with the prison and are needed for the management of prisoners therein.

The application suite has been developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) in association with the Ministry of Electronics and IT. Through this application suite, all the important information pertaining to inmates currently lodged in prisons can be obtained. At the same time, this information can be relayed in real-time to various courts, prison officials, and any other entity involved in the functioning of the criminal justice system.

One of the central functions of the application suite is associated with facilitating online visit requests and addressing grievances.

Purpose Of E-Prison Project

Here are the most important highlights of the e-prison project, which elucidate the purpose for starting the project:

  1. Under the Inter Operable Criminal Justice system, all the data collected on the E-prison platform has been integrated with the Police and Court system for easy reconciliation.
  2. Data is being maintained by different states and union territories on the National Prisons Information Portal for the E prison interface based on notified protocols for E-prisons.
  3. At present, this information portal can be accessed by a secure NIC network which the designated officials exclusively authorize under the various Law enforcement agencies and prisons all over the country through a special Inter Operable Criminal Justice System.
  4. As per the main objectives laid down under the E prison project, all prisons and prison management activities are expected to be computerized and integrated with the activities taking place in the jail.
  5. Through the E prison portal, all the important information regarding details of the inmates will be available in real-time to concerned prison officials.

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Components Of E Prison Project

Management Information System

A special management information system shall be installed for the E prison project, which will be used for routine activities at the prison. Some of the prominent modules of the management information system shall include the Prisoner information management system, hospital management system, police intelligence system, court monitoring, and more. These modules shall target the day-to-day activities that are likely to occur at a prison.

National Prison Information Portal

The National Prison Information Portal will be designed to offer statistical data about various prisons in the country and aims to offer a citizen-centric approach. Through this portal, visitors can book their request for a visit to meet a ward within a prison, file a grievance in connection with a ward inside a prison, and securely utilise inmate tracking facilities that various investigating agencies can use.

Kara Bazaar

This is designed to be a portal where products will be showcased and sold. The products offered through this portal will be specially manufactured by prisoners across several prisons in the country. Kara Bazaar will act as a uniform platform to onboard all the state prison departments together in one place.

Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System

The common platform is an interface for exchanging crucial information and analytics about the criminal justice system, which comprises the police, prosecution, courts, prisons, and forensics. Through this platform, a nationwide search can be conducted on police, prisons, and courts across every state and union territory in the country.

The main aim of the justice system is to reduce the number of errors and the time taken to share essential information between the primary pillars of the system, which will help avoid major challenges.

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