National Safety Day - 4th March

India observes National Safety Day every year to celebrate the foundation of the National Safety Council. This council is a non-profit organization that runs at the national level and promotes safety measures to avoid mishaps and accidents. These measures include road safety measures, human health safety, and safety at the workplace.

The day aims to renew the commitments of the employees and citizens to work safely and ensure the running of a safe and healthy environment at work. All in all, the day aims to throw light on the safety measures that one should adhere to, in order to avoid accidents.

The theme for National Safety Day 2023 is “Our Aim – Zero Harm”.

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When is National Safety Day Celebrated?

The National Safety Day is celebrated every year on March 4 to raise awareness about safety protocols that one should follow in order to avoid accidents and mishaps at the workplace. The day aims to educate the general public about the measures one should follow to work safely.

National Safety Council is a non-profit national body that aims to bring a voluntary routine on health, safety, and environment. Set up by the Ministry of Labor and Employment on March 4, 1965, this council’s action has been successful ever since the celebration of National Safety Day was initiated.

History of the National Safety Day

Those preparing for the IAS Exam must know that the day was initiated after India’s first National Safety Council in India which was organized by the Ministry of Labor and Employment. The reason was, the council felt the need for national and state-level safety councils.

For your UPSC Prelims Current Affairs, you must know that National Safety day was first observed on March 4, 1972, on the foundation day of the council. National Safety Day 2023 marks its 52nd year.

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Objectives of the National Safety Day:

  • National Safety Day is observed on a national scale throughout the country to raise awareness about safety, including various health and environmental movements.
  • It is celebrated to achieve the goal of major public participation in safety roles in various industrial sectors.
  • The campaign celebration largely promotes the use of a participative approach by the company’s owners by promoting their employees in safety, health, and environmental activities.
  • This campaign encourages need-based activities, self-observance of legal requirements, and professional SHE (safety, health, and environmental) activities among workplace employees.
  • The day promotes workplace safety by reminding employers and employees, including other staff, of their legal responsibilities.
  • To achieve the goal of promoting SHE activities among people in workplaces.
  • By organizing a safety approach, it enables us to serve the society by instilling a preventive culture and scientific mindset.

Themes of National Safety Day according to different years

An important aspect for your UPSC syllabus, The themes of National Safety Day according to different years are:

  • The theme for National Safety Day 2023 is “Our Aim – Zero Harm”. The theme signifies the importance of protection of society as a whole.
  • The theme for 2022 was ‘Nurture young minds- Develop safety culture’.
  • The theme of the years 2021-2020 was: Sadak Suraksha
  • The theme of 2019/18 was: “Reinforce positive behavior at the workplace to achieve safety and health goals”.
  • National Safety Day 2017’s theme was: “Keep Each Other Safe.”
  • That of the year 2016 was “Strengthen Safety Movement To Achieve Zero Harm”.
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Ideas to Celebrate National Safety Day

Here are some ideas to celebrate National Safety Day at your workplace:

  • Take the National Safety Council’s Safety & Health Pledge to commit yourself and your employees to work safely. National Safety Day aims to renew employees’ and the general public’s commitment to working safely, and by taking the pledge, you are observing the day.
  • Another way to observe the holiday is to write about the unique ways you believe we can adapt to commitment and improve our safety at work. Participate in safety competitions as well, such as essays, slogans, posters, housekeeping, and even safety performance. You could also wear the National Safety Council Flag as a pin.
  • By sharing your stories online, you can encourage others to commit to working safely. Safety should take precedence over everything else, and no worker should be forced to choose between working safely and earning a living. Encourage employees to take a personal oath to work safely. Utilize the hashtag #NationalSafetyDay.

Significance of National Safety Day

Now in its 51st year, the day has evolved into an important national campaign that is celebrated across industries, NGOs, regulatory agencies, and departments, across the country.

  • The National Safety Council’s main goal and vision have remained the same: to protect and serve society, as well as to foster a scientific mindset and preventive culture among people.
  • The organization’s vision focuses on the belief that the issues addressed are a part of basic humanitarian concerns. It also believes that a perfect demonstration of their relationship with productivity and quality is facilitated by their effective address.
  • The campaign began as a one-day event on March 4. However, it has now spread over a week, from March 4 to March 10.

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