World Bamboo Day

To raise awareness amongst people about Bamboo, World Bamboo Day is observed on 18th September worldwide. As Bamboo is used for numerous medicinal and different purposes, the World Bamboo Organisation (WBO) took measures to raise Bamboo awareness, save this natural resource and the environment and ensure its sustainable use.

This article will take you through the World Bamboo Day date and other concepts that will help you prepare for this topic for your UPSC prelims exam.

There are other important days and dates of national and international importance, integral from the UPSC prelims and other government exams.

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World Bamboo Day 2022

As World Bamboo Day is celebrated worldwide, the World Bamboo Organization sets a different theme every year. So the theme of World Bamboo Day 2021 was #PlantBamboo — it is Time To Plant Bamboo.

Also, when speaking of the World Bamboo Day initiative, you must note that it was started by Kamesh Salam in 2009 at the World Bamboo Congress in Bangkok.

What are some valuable properties of Bamboo?

Here are some of the beneficial properties of Bamboo.

  • Diverse Uses

Bamboo is one of the most versatile and valuable plants that can be used in more than 1500 ways, including the use as an alternative to wood, construction and building material, food, handicrafts, and paper. In addition, due to its flexible nature and numerous uses, Bamboo is often known as ‘poor man’s timber.’

  • Environmental Benefits

People can plant Bamboo trees to reclaim severely debased areas and wastelands. In addition, Bamboo is an excellent soil binder, given its unique clump shape and fibrous root method, and hence also plays a crucial part in water and soil conservation. It is one of the most quickly-growing canopies, emitting around 35% more oxygen than trees, and can consume approximately 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per hectare.

  • A key ingredient in COVID Treatment

Bamboo has remained a primary component in new antimicrobial hand mists and soaps created by scientists from the Philippines to combat the COVID virus.

  • Bamboo shoots have nutraceutical properties

According to various global experts, the shoots of the Bamboo plant have nutraceutical properties. The word ‘nutraceutical’ is used to represent nutritionally or medicinally useful food items. Bamboo sprouts or shoots are the palatable newly grown canes of Bamboo that grow just under the ground and have a strong, brittle texture.

It is why these Bamboo shoots have safe and high-quality edible and nutritive immunity boosters for improving the human body’s resistance to viral infections. In addition, Bamboo shoots further comprise 17 amino acids, eight out of which are necessary for the human body.

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Bamboo Cultivation in India

Bamboo cultivation in India

When speaking of India, the Bamboo cultivation in the country spreads in an area of 13.96 million hectares.

India is the second Bamboo rich country worldwide after China, with more than 136 Bamboo species.

  • The yearly Bamboo production in our country is 14.6 million tonnes with a valuation of more than INR 28,005 crore.
  • Bamboo shoot consumption and production in India is highest in the Northeastern states.

Understanding the initiatives for Bamboo Prevention

  • India adds just 2% of the global bamboo supply.
  • The Central Indian Government, by modifying the Forest Act of 1927, released private farmers to embark cultivation of Bamboo trees without any limitations.
  • The import procedure has also been changed to guarantee the improvement of the Bamboo industry in the nation.
  • National Bamboo Mission (NBM) backs regional craftspeople through locally produced bamboo species, which will help India accomplish the objective of vocals for locals and assist in increasing the revenue of farmers, decreasing reliance on imports of raw material.

What is the way ahead for Bamboo cultivation in India?

In a nutshell, the Indian Government must promote Bamboo Shoots as a nutritive food and use them for medicinal purposes. Doing this will help our country reduce hunger and malnutrition. Furthermore, Indian states must take measures to facilitate Bamboo farming in the country and contribute to the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan through self-reliant farming.

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Frequently Asked Questions on World Bamboo Day


When is Bamboo Day celebrated worldwide?

World Bamboo Day is celebrated on 18th September every year to raise Bamboo awareness amongst people.


What was the theme of Bamboo day 2021?

The theme of Bamboo day this year was #PlantBamboo — it is Time To Plant Bamboo


What was the theme of Bamboo Day 2020?

The theme of Bamboo day 2020 was Bamboo Now.


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