UPSC Preparation: Five Powerful Attributes of Success to Crack IAS Exam

The UPSC IAS exam is considered by many to be a tough nut to crack. A look at the number of candidates who apply and the number of candidates who clear the exam reveals the very low success rate in this exam. In fact, out of the millions of people who take the IAS prelims exam, only a few make it and a select few of those who have passed become IAS officers. What does it take to clear this super competitive IAS exam? In this article, we present five attributes of success that you should possess or strive to possess if you want to see success in the UPSC exam.

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The five attributes needed for cracking the IAS Exam

1. Sincerity

One of the most essential attributes required for IAS success or any success for that matter is sincerity. You have to be sincere in the pursuit of your goal. You have to make a study plan at the outset and then work according to it. You cannot make excuses. You should make a few sacrifices if you want your dreams to become a reality. One should also be sincere about your knowledge level and exam-preparedness and be ready to take help wherever needed.

2. Hard work

There is no escaping hard grind when it comes to clearing the IAS exam. This exam is a year-long process with three stages. You have to overcome some stiff competition and also master the humungous UPSC syllabus if you want to clear the exam. You should prepare yourself mentally to go through a rigorous process of reading, writing, taking practice tests and studying for months at a stretch if you wish to become an IAS officer.

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3. Goal-oriented

Another important attribute of successful people that you should try to emulate is to have a goal-orientation. You should focus on your goal which is to become an IAS officer. Keep that in mind while you feel bogged down by the enormity of the task ahead of you. It is true that you should study for hours at a stretch, read as much as possible, and practice answer writing until your fingers drop. But, at the end of the day, these efforts enable you to reach your goal. They might seem difficult and vexing, but with only your goal in sight, armed with a fierce determination, nothing is impossible.

4. Persistence

This is one of the most important attributes you need to nurture in order to clear the IAS exam. The civil services exam preparation can drain you out emotionally and physically. But you need to understand that many aspirants cleared the exam only in their fifth or sixth attempt. So, take failure in its stride and move on.

5. Learning from failure

Taking from where we left off in the previous point, you must embrace failure meaningfully. This means, you must learn from your past failures. Understand where you went wrong, and take advice from others as to how to fix it. If it was test practice that did you in in an attempt, take more tests the next time. If it was any particular subject that lowered your score, then make more efforts to learn that subject the next time. This way, analyse your weak points and make an extra effort in that direction.

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