Topic of the Day – Adopt a Heritage Scheme

UPSC Exam Preparation: Topic of the Day – Adopt a Heritage Scheme

The ‘Adopt a Heritage Scheme’ is a unique venture of the Ministry of Tourism in close collaboration with Ministry of Culture and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) which envisages developing heritage sites, tourist sites and monuments across the length and breadth of the country in order to make them tourist friendly so that the tourism potential and the cultural importance could be enhanced in a phased and planned manner.



  • The President of India launched the Adopt a Heritage Scheme on World Tourism Day i.e. 27th September 2017.
  • The scheme will allow private and public sector corporations to adopt most of India’s top heritage sites and improve tourism in such sites.
  • It is clarified that ‘The Adopt a Heritage’ is essentially a non-revenue generating project. The agency will be selected on the basis of the unique concept of vision bid and no financial bid is involved in the scheme.
  • The response to the project has been very encouraging as the agencies who have come forward for adoption includes not only public and private industry/individuals but also schools and law firms.
  • These agencies are referred as Monument Mitras.
  • The companies will be responsible for building, operating and maintaining tourism infrastructure at 105 monuments and natural heritage sites up for adoption.
  • The Ministry of Tourism has the power of termination of MoU of Monument Mitras in case of noncompliance of guidelines and EoI, or any other reason of non-performance.


Action Plan of Monument Mitras:

The project would primarily focus on maintenance and development of world-class amenities and tourist infrastructure including basic civic amenities and advanced amenities like secure environment, ease of access, public conveniences, cleanliness, illumination and night viewing facilities for an all-inclusive tourist experience which would result in an increase in the footfall from both foreign and domestic tourists.



  • Corporate control of some monuments and heritage sites ensure that their maintenance and operations could be handled more professionally.
  • An agency with the best vision for the heritage site will be given an opportunity to associate pride with their CSR activities.
  • The company would also get limited visibility in the premises and the Incredible India website.

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