Difference between B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) and B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)

Difference between B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) and B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is explained here in detail.

B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) and B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) courses are undergraduate level programs available for students, post clearing their 12th Class. 

The students will have to appear for common engineering entrance exams of different colleges at State and National levels and get the necessary cut-offs for entry into various Engineering colleges in India.

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Difference between B.E. and B.Tech

The major differences between B.E and B.Tech are:

B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering)  B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)
B.E. courses focus more on Theory and strong fundamentals. B.Tech courses focus more on practical applications.
Usually, B.E. Engineering degrees are given by Universities that provide degrees even in other streams like Arts, Humanities, Commerce etc. Some of the famous institutes providing B.E. degrees are BITS Pilani, Anna University etc. Some of the very well known Engineering Institutes, like the various IITs, NIT’s which are classified as institutes of national importance, provide B.Tech degrees. 
For B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) curriculum, internships and industrial visits may be an essential part of the curriculum. For B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) curriculum, internships and industrial visits are mandatory for the curriculum.
B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) is more knowledge oriented.  B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is more technology oriented.
There may be a possibility that B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) degree courses are not as frequently updated as B.Tech courses. However, this degree does not conflict with the rules of the All India Council for Technical Education. B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) courses are frequently updated as per the latest developments in the respective field.

Similarities between B.E. and B.Tech Degree

  • AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) does not consider either B.E or B. Tech as different courses, hence equal recognition is granted for both of them.
  • The duration of both B.E. and B.Tech courses are for the same time period of 4 years.
  • Both B.E. and B.Tech courses are divided into 8 semesters, with 2 semesters in a year.
  • The course content in both B.E and B.Tech would be the same, although the approach may be different. However, the courses offered by Institutes like IIT’s and NIT’s could be at a higher level compared to most of the other Engineering institutes.
  • In terms of Job opportunities in the market, students having either a B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) or B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology) Degrees have equal opportunities and have equally good scope. It is in no way going to be a hindrance to good career growth.
  • The only differentiating factor is the college, placements in the college, faculty, collaboration with industries and the stream which is going to make the difference in the initial stages of one’s career. Once a student with either B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) or B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology) Degrees join an organisation, his/her growth is solely dependent on one’s performance in the company that he/she works.

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