How Answer Writing Practice Help Aspirants in IAS Mains Exam

The UPSC exam preparation requires a right plan though not a perfect one (as there is nothing called perfect!) and the preparation includes various steps that one should implement in the preparation process and some of them includes knowing the syllabus, collecting all the relevant resources, creating a timetable and executing time management and among all these includes answer writing practice.

Answer Writing Practice for IAS Mains

Every time you refer sample question papers or previous year question papers of UPSC civil service mains exam, the first thing you will tell yourself is I know the answer to this question and when you start writing, nothing comes to your mind, your mind is completely blocked. Then, you decide that you will not move today until you answer to this question, later you decide that you collect all the relevant materials then read and mark important points. The Later part of the day you tell yourself that you will write the answer to this question by tonight and as the night goes on you postpone it to next day. And, the next day you don’t even look at the question again and all your enthusiasm with which you sat down to answer the question would have faded away and you need to gather the great courage to answer it in writing.

Answer Writing Practice IAS Exam

Gather great courage for answer writing

Though you have read the relevant answer for a question and collected more information from books and the internet on how to answer the question and when you try to pen it down you tremble on how to start and where to start. This happens because you are used to your reading compilation which has become your habit. It has been observed that many of the IAS aspirants burden themselves with the vast syllabus and to accomplish it within the set time-frame and in which most of them create an unrealistic timetable that cannot be achieved and finally give up. But, all we advice is once you have designed your study plan, stick to it and follow it, as you maintain the consistency, you will realize that there is no burden since all your pending topics will be covered.

We strictly recommend to most of the IAS aspirants to include answer writing practice in their study plan as everyday writing is important and it increases their memory power as well as their confidence level. Once you read about an issue, take down the important points and start making notes on your own and frame a question out of it and begin to answer and witness how your thoughts will become clearer. As you do this every day, you get a feeling you have accomplished a difficult task in your IAS exam preparation. Once you read an answer and practice writing it down on paper it stays in your memory for long that makes you answer questions easily.

The following links will further help their candidates in their exam preparation:

When to start answer writing practice for UPSC?

Start answer writing practice

You can start with the previous year UPSC mains question papers or start answering any model question papers as well. Choose any question but make sure that you write your own answer to them.

If you think, if you write your own answers on notebook and no one will look into it then BYJU’s online answer writing practice is the right place where you can pick your questions and start answering on the website, where your answers will be read by many fellow aspirants as well as experts who will leave their feedback for the same.  Take a question and start writing an answer for the same, it is for sure though you have read and know the answer well, you will come up with a stupid answer. You need not worry about this, as it is just to overcome the mental blocks that create a starting problem.   In the first attempt, definitely, you cannot come up with a good answer and this does not mean that after practising you can write a perfect answer as there is nothing called a perfect answer. All you have to do is to understand the question, what answer it requires, and try to write accordingly.

Few think that posting their answer on online forums is of no use as they do not get any kind of feedback from any, to overcome this one can start giving constructive, complete and actual feedback for others answer. When one does this frequently, it not only helps the writer but also helps oneself and it can also be called ‘helping oneself by helping others’, as it helps to assess your own writing and motivate others. This process will take some time and all you need to do is to keep your writing practice as well as be patience.

Here’s how everyday answer writing practice can change you

When it comes to writing practice, one must think beyond UPSC mains exam point of view. Here’s how everyday writing can change you, it helps you in building vocabulary, better communication (both oral and written), it makes you think independently, helps in expressing your thoughts in your own words, speeds up your thought process, brings transparency in your thoughts, and ultimately enhances your memory power.   These vital qualities build by writing practice also helps many IAS aspirants to crack the interview round, as it improves one’s personality beyond their thoughts. So, start today writing daily and witness yourself how writing transforms your personality.

After reading this article, if you have decided to write then start now and don’t even give a second thought about writing it tonight or tomorrow.

Go through any one of the questions from any subject of UPSC Mains Exam 2015 that is segregated under the answer writing practice, click on the question and start posting your answers today. You can also read answers that are written already by others and can see how they have answered the same question.

Understand the demand of the IAS Exam, draw a study plan, follow a right timetable constantly, practice answer writing regularly and be assured that you always stand a chance over others who do not follow their study plan.

Start writing now and see how you will begin to look at reading, for sure in a different way. This article might motivate you but it is still in your hands to start and act now.

Aspirants can find more UPSC-related preparation materials through the links given below.

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