List of a Few People Who Cleared the UPSC Exam and Didn't Join the Services

Cracking the UPSC civil services exam is a herculean thing to do. Lakhs of IAS hopefuls take the prelims exam every year and only a fraction of them make the cut at the end of the IAS interview. And for those persevering enough to pass this exam, life would change forever. They feel that they have achieved something truly great and rightly so. However, there are a few people who tread a different path. Even after clearing the UPSC exam, they don’t join the civil services. They pursue their careers elsewhere. We have compiled a list of a few such people who rejected the civil services even after clearing the civil service exam.

People who did not join UPSC despite clearing it

Subhash Chandra Bose

This name needs no introduction to Indians. Netaji had cleared the Indian Civil Services (ICS) held in England meritoriously with a rank of 4! But naturally, he did not join and serve a government which he loathed and instead went on to become a legend in the Indian freedom struggle.

Kapil Sibal

A veteran Indian politician, Sibal had cleared the UPSC exam in 1973. But he did not join since he got the IAS when his heart was set on the Indian Foreign Service. He pursued law and acquired LL.M. from Harvard Law School, USA. He was appointed the Additional Solicitor General of India in 1989. Later, he ventured into politics.

Dr Roman Saini

Saini’s is a name most IAS aspirants would be familiar with. A doctor who cleared the UPSC exam with AIR 18 in 2013, he had served as an Assistant Collector in Madhya Pradesh. He resigned his post in 2016 to pursue his entrepreneurial educational pursuits.

MS Swaminathan

Known as the man responsible for India’s Green Revolution, Swaminathan had been selected into the IPS. He chose to go to university to study agriculture.

TR Andhyarujina

A senior lawyer who practices at the Supreme Court of India, Andhyarujina had been selected for the Indian Foreign Service in 1958 but instead chose to pursue law.

 Iqbal Dhaliwal

Dhaliwal had cleared the 1996 UPSC exam with an astounding AIR of 1. He was the Sub-Collector and Deputy Secretary and worked as a civil servant till 2002. He is currently the Deputy Director of Abdul Lateef Jamal Poverty Action Lab in The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA.

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