Civil Services Essay paper 2016 Overview

This article gives an overview of the UPSC Mains 2016 Essay Paper.

UPSC CSE 2016 Essay Paper

Section A

  1. If development is not engendered, it is endangered
  2. Need brings greed, if greed increases it spoils breed
  3. Water disputes between states in federal India
  4. Innovation is the key determinant of economic growth and social welfare

Section B

  1. Cooperative federalism: Myth or reality
  2. Cyberspace and Internet: Blessing or curse to the human civilization in the long run
  3. Near jobless growth in India: An anomaly or an outcome of economic reforms
  4. Digital Economy: A leveler or a source of economic inequality

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Two questions each from both sections can easily be related to the current affairs. The first and third questions in section A, i.e., one about development with gender equality and water disputes were very much in newspaper, discussed in different topics. The same is visible also in the third and fourth questions of section B. The topics to which we can connect these are the temple entry movements, water disputes in southern states and the creation of new State, demographic dividend and the 25 years of liberalization, and demonetization and digital India respectively.

If we take the general topics, all other than one topic are related to the developmental and other challenges that are faced by India today. Thus the general topics are also from the topics of current relevance. One very general topic is also available for those who would like to show their talent of creative writing, moving out of the box.

The paper clearly shows that one does not need to have a special reading, particularly for the essay paper. The preparation for the preliminary and GS main papers will very much help one with the content part. All one has to focus especially here is the way of writing, which is clearly mentioned in the syllabus of Civil Services Main examination.

An essay question from a topic of current relevance clearly shows that UPSC expects the candidate to have a good idea about what is happening around him. Not only just knowing it, but with a proper multidimensional analysis. The ‘current’ influence in the general topics also shows the same. UPSC wants the candidate to move out of the traditional knowledge from books.

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What a candidate can do here is to get ready for this through generating viewpoints. Reading different articles coming in the magazines and newspapers, listening to the debates in All India Radio and television, and peer groups discussions can very much help an aspirant in achieving this. In short, the paper clearly portrays the worry of eximious people towards molding the steel pillars of the country.

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