Important Books for Hindi Literature Optional for UPSC IAS Mains

The UPSC Civil Services Exam is conducted in three stages- Prelims, Mains and Interview. Aspirants need to choose one optional subject for UPSC mains exam. It plays a significant role in deciding aspirants ranking in IAS Exam. Recent trends show that the success rate of Literature subjects is soaring with years.

Hindi Literature is one of the optional subjects in UPSC Mains in which aspirants from Hindi literature background won’t need to face rivalry with English medium competitors. This subject can be prepared in a shorter time span. A time of three months is sufficient to plan for the subject.

In this article, you will get the booklist for Hindi Literature for civil services examination.

Hindi Literature Optional Books for UPSC 

Hindi Literature is a noticeable and most favourite optional for aspirants who have fair knowledge in this lingo. However, that does not imply that one must be a Hindi literature graduate. Candidates ought to have a decent command over the dialect. As other optional, this optional subject also has two papers-Paper-I and Paper-II.  Hindi is also a compulsory language paper in IAS exam and if you want to know the UPSC Tips for Hindi Language Paper, you may check the linked article.

List of Hindi Literature books for IAS exam

The following list mentions books for Hindi Literature from which a candidate may choose any, for their comfortable learning:

  • Aadhunik Sahitya ki Pravritiyan – Namavar Sinha
  • Jaayasee Aakalan ke Aayaam- Sadanand Shaahee
  • Kabeer –Param Anand Srivastav
  • Kabeer ke Sabad – Dr. Sukadev Sinha
  • Khadi Boli ka Prarambhik Swaroop – Nilesh Jain
  • Mahaabhoj Mulyankan ke Paripekshy – Sadaanand Shaahee
  • Mohan Raakesh aur Ashadh ka Ek din –Gireesh Rastogi
  • Niraala Rachita Raam Kee Shakti Pooja Bhaashy –Dr. Surya Prasaad Dikshit
  • Prasāda Aura Skandgupta – Dr. Rēvatīramana
  • Triveni – Acharya Ramachandra Shukla

Even though candidates may opt for Hindi Literature as their IAS Optional subject, they still would look for a perfect UPSC Hindi Literature Strategy to approach the subject perfectly.

UPSC Hindi Literature Booklist:- Download PDF Here

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