Navy ' s aircraft on mission in Seychelles

Exclusive Economic Zone.

Key Points

  • It is the first such deployment of the Boeing P 8I to a foreign country.
  • The aircraft has been in Seychelles since March 20, according to the Navy.
  • The move is in accordance with the MoU between the Governments of India and Seychelles.


India’s Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) exercises

  • India has been reaching out to the smaller Indian Ocean island nations through various Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) exercises that include Search and Rescue (SAR) support, oil pollution response exercises, and assistance in legal matters.
  • Besides supplying naval vessels and aircraft, the Indian navy has supported countries such as Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles with training, hydrographic surveys, surveillance operations and counter-terror patrols.

Previous  surveillance missions in the Seychellois

  • The Indian Navy has, in the past, undertaken surveillance missions in the Seychellois EEZ twice a year, but by deploying naval ships.
  • The P 8I is a cheaper, economical, faster and more effective option than the naval ships, and sends a signal about navy’s overall ambition and capabilities.


The navy said in a statement that the aircraft will remain deployed till March 23. During this period, the aircraft will undertake surveillance of the Seychellois EEZ. The deployment will also facilitate professional interaction between the aircrew and the Seychelles People’s Defence Force (SPDF).

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