This New Year Make a Resolution to Honour your Word!

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This New Year Make a Resolution to Honour your Word and to put an end to Civil Services Exam Preparation because you are going to crack it and become an IAS/IPS/IFS officer.

It’s time we bid adieu to 2016 and welcomed the whole brand new year 2017 with a new start, new hope and a new try. This goes very well to all the aspirants who strive to crack UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam and become the pride of the nation.


Most of them would have stepped into the New Year by setting their new goal to become an IAS Officer and some would have carried forward this goal to 2017 with one more try and with an all-new approach.


If you are one among those who has set your goal to become an IAS/IPS/IFS Officer then here are some resolutions which you should add to your checklist to achieve your big dream in a gigantic way. If you are pondering over what resolutions and how to set it then here we are to help you in listing down your New Year Resolutions and which must be not only to crack the Civil Service Exam but till you make it to the final round. So, your resolution checklist must have how many hours you will study every day, a resolution to read the newspaper every day, deciding on your optional, trimming your personality and etc. and which you will follow religiously.


In the beginning of every year, most of us have resolutions and don’t think that you have not attained your previous year’s resolution what’s the point of keeping another one rather it is an optimistic way to step into the New Year.


Be Your Word

Set your goals and strictly follow it. If you have planned to study for 7-8 hours, follow it don’t lapse it to 4-5 hours or 3-4 hours.

If your checklist says reading the newspaper every day and to make notes out of it, do so and don’t switch or be convenient saying reading newspaper is enough.

The moment you make a pause in following your checklists, your resolution falls apart, so if you have made a word then be your word and honour your word.


Constancy is the Willpower

If you honour your word then consistency follows it, a pause in following your checklist creates a loophole and which is the root of lack of willpower. A study says that for a person it minimum takes 21 days to get adapted to a new habit, keep this in mind, whenever you are procrastinating your schedule tell yourself 21 days to get into this and start watering your checklists that will reap as willpower and consistency.


Honour your word

“If you give your word, let the entire Universe fall before you, but let your word stand”!

This quote applies not only when you give your word to someone but also to yourself when you make a resolution and want to achieve it you have to honour your word that you have given yourself and stand by it.

So, honour your word, if you have given a word to study for 7-8 hours a day, read the newspaper every day and make notes out of it, and follow whatever you have put to the checklist. then be your word, do what you say then you need to say what you do and let your actions match your words.

Now, if you question how to honour your word, then there is no answer for it. As it is your word and you should find out a way how to keep it up. Because anyone or anything can make you stay motivated but to keep going on is up to you. Always remember it is your resolution, your word and you have to stick to it to reap the fruit called ‘SUCCESS’.

Do not PROCRASTINATE – Keep your word that you have given to you with constancy and will power, and nothing can stop you from getting what you want.


“All the advice in the world will never help you until you help yourself!”


So, this New Year, keep a resolution to put an end to Civil Services Exam Preparation because you are going to crack it no matter what happens.


Best wishes for the UPSC 2017 Civil Services Exam, BELIEVE in YOU! Stay healthy and blessed!


BYJU’s wishing all the aspirants “Godspeed”!

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