Goals of Different Duration for UPSC Civil Service Exam - An Overview

The first step towards success is setting up your goals. Usually, many aspirants register for examination but few of them are able to crack this toughest examination. This is due to insufficient focus on goals. This article lucidly explains the different types of goals and how to work on achieving them to attain the final goal of clearing the exam.

Aspirants would find this article very helpful while preparing for the IAS Exam.

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Types of Goals

Successful decisions and actions always result in accomplishing your goals. Both success and happiness is correlated. During UPSC preparation also, the aspirant must set the goals for the long term as well as for the short term.

Realistic Goals

Setting goals are easy but achieving those is a different story. The aspirant should set a realistic goal in their life. Nothing is impossible if you are ready to shed your blood and sweat. If you scored fewer score in your graduation or have many arrears paper does not matter, but still, you can make to IAS. Aspirant’s history does not matter while coming to UPSC preparation. Know your capabilities and set a goal that brings you happiness. If you chase some unrealistic goals, it will end up in frustration.

Long Term Goals

Everybody knows the destination, but in the journey of life on should know the purpose of his/her life. This is a broad aspect. There are a lot of aspects like career, marriage, finance, relations, education etc. But for a UPSC aspirant, the career as a long term it will be civil service. The aspirant should clearly understand what the driving force behind their decision is? Why do I want to become an IAS officer? Can I achieve that? If I crack UPSC, can I serve my country selflessly? While setting up a long-term goal, an aspirant should know the significance of it. Aspirants will be experiencing the fruit of long-term goal life long and it is an important part of your long-term goals.

Short Term Goals

Once you set your goal of becoming an IAS officer one should set some short term goals to achieve the long term goal. According to UPSC aspirant, they have to break down their goals into several parts according to the structure and nature of the examination. The UPSC IAS Exam is conducted in three different stages. All stages demand different nature of preparation.

Here we are citing some short term goals that should be adopted by UPSC aspirants to achieve their goals.

  1. Knowing the syllabus of UPSC IAS Prelims and Mains Examination
  2. Read newspaper daily without the backlog
  3. Reading essential NCERT books
  4. Reading detailed reference books
  5. Make short notes
  6. Daily revision
  7. Answer writing Practice
  8. Solving previous year UPSC question paper
  9. Mock test for Prelims and Mains exam
  10. Engaging stress-relieving activities
  11. Following a healthy daily routine

Every UPSC aspirant needs a little push in the right direction. Set your goal now and start working. This will help you to rise and shine like a sun in UPSC IAS Examination.

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