Borrowed Features of Indian Constitution

The Civil Services Examination is considered one of the most challenging ones in India. The Examination is conducted by Union Public Service Commission. The Examination is conducted yearly and the IAS Prelims exam is going to happen on 2nd June 2019.

For IAS Prelims Examination candidates have to tackle two papers. Polity is an essential part of UPSC IAS Exam in General studies Paper I. It plays a significant role in all competitive exams. Indeed, even after the aspirant getting into administration, the importance of the subject is conveyed forward as it structures a vital piece of the governance.

The subject deals with the administration, governance and the working of the legislature in the nation. It also gives a comprehension of the administrative, official, legal frameworks and various constitutional authorities in the country. The Constitution is the bible of Polity subject. Indian constitution has absorbed different components from different nations into its area which gives it a unique character.


Borrowed features


  Concurrent list   Language of the preamble   Provision regarding commerce, trade and intercourse


  Idea of federation with a strong centre   Distribution of powers between centre and the states   Residuary Powers with the centre


  Concept of Directive Principles of State Policy   Election of President   Nomination of members in the Rajya Sabha


  Procedure Established by law

Russia (USSR)

  Five year Plan Fundamental Duties

United Kingdom

  Nominal Head – President   Designation of Prime Minister   Cabinet System of Ministers   Parliamentary type of government   Bicameral Parliament   Speaker in Lok Sabha   More powerful Lower House   Council of Ministers responsible to Lower House

United States

  Preamble   Written Constitution   Fundamental Rights   Functions of the President and the Vice- President   Independence of Judiciary   Judicial review   Removal of Supreme court and High court Judges

Weimar Constitution (Germany)

  Suspension of Fundamental Rights during the emergency

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