Teesta Water-Sharing Agreement

Concept: Teesta water-sharing agreement

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The Teesta River or Tista is a 309 kilometres (192 mi) long river flowing through the Indian state of Sikkim. It carves out verdant Himalayan temperate and tropical river valleys and forms the border between Sikkim and West Bengal before joining the Jamuna, a distributary channel of the Brahmaputra in Bangladesh. According to India’s Ministry of Environment & Forests, the Teesta water sharing have been approved with the requirement that Bangladesh adopt suitable seismic coefficient in the design for the dam, tunnel, surge shaft and power house. The projects are cascaded over the length of the river, do not store large amounts water, have small reservoirs, and therefore the projects are expected to have very low risk from the reservoir induced seismicity in the area. 

Teesta River Importance for India and Bangladesh

The floodplains of the Teesta River cover about 14% of the total area cropped in Bangladesh. The river also provides livelihood to more than 70% of the population of India’s eastern neighbour.

As far as India is concerned, the region of North Bengal considers the Teesta as its lifeline. About 12 districts in this state depend on the Teesta.

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