UPSC Exam Preparation Tips for Visually Impaired Aspirants

The UPSC Civil services exam is conducted by Union Public Services Commission. This is considered as the most prestigious and difficult competitive examination. It allows all the Indian citizens can write this examination. Aspirants can check the eligibility criteria for UPSC IAS Examination.

Visually impaired candidates appearing for civil services preliminary examination will get 40 minutes extra time per paper. Here we are giving the tips for UPSC Preparation for the visually impaired student.

Time management

Time is the most valuable commodity that is irretrievable. Hence a UPSC aspirant cannot compromise when it comes to time. UPSC IAS Exam preparation is one-year prolonged procedure. Most of the time aspirants suffer from lack of concentration, lack of interest in the subject, etc. Time management is the key tool in UPSC IAS Exam preparation.

Visually impaired aspirants those who are preparing for UPSC IAS should know that they have e-sources and Braille materials which will assist them in their UPSC IAS Exam preparation journey.  Aspirants should schedule a timetable for E-material and special time for Braille material in a day.


The whole thing under the sun is possible, don’t let anyone stop you. NL Beno Zephine visually impaired IFS officer set an example as well as motivation to others to write this examination and succeed in the same. Even Pranjal Patil success also conveys that nothing is impossible whether you’re abled or differently abled.


The NCERT books which are essential for UPSC IAS Exam is available in audio format also. Candidates should make use of it to crack UPSC IAS Exam. The book M. Laxmikant and other reference books are also available in Braille format.


Visually challenged aspirants have gained individuality with the help of Information and Communication Technologies. There is lots of software which is really helpful for candidates. They are JAWS, Kurzweil, Abby fine reader, and so on.

Job access with speech, “JAWS” is a screen reading software which helps the UPSC aspirants to read the text on a computer screen. It aids as to read and type the documents to reach the desired files and folders in computers, to surf the internet, and every computer-related activities.

Abby fine reader and Kurzweil

This software’s helps the UPSC IAS aspirants as to read a book self-reliant. By using this software they scan the books and convert them into a word document format or to Mp3 format.

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