Top Tips To Crack English In SBI PO Exam

In this article, we’ll discuss the top tricks to crack the English Language section of the SBI PO exam.

English is considered as the official language and is used in every documentation purpose everywhere. It is an essential part of every competitive examination, including bank exams.

The SBI PO exam is divided into three phases:

  1. SBI PO Prelims
  2. SBI PO Mains
  3. GD & Interview

The SBI PO English Paper is an integral part of every phase of the SBI PO exam. However, most of the candidates are unable to qualify as they are unable to cope up with the sectional cut-off of the SBI PO English Paper.

Although the English section of the SBI PO exam is considered the easiest one out of all the sections of the exam. The candidates must try to attempt each question correctly and if they are not able to so then they must follow some golden rules to have a sure-shot success.

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5 Best Tips & Tricks to clear the SBI PO English section

In order to help the candidates, we bring you a few prep tips to strategise the plan for the preparation of the English section of the SBI PO exam:

  1. Make Reading a Daily Habit:
    The candidates must be aware that the comprehensions that come in the examinations, which are usually excerpts from the newspapers or magazines. So, the habit of reading newspapers daily must be inculcated to get fluent with the English language. The Editorial section must be properly read every day.
  2. Development of Vocabulary:
    Most people fail in the bank exams like SBI PO as there is a sectional cut-off and they are not able to clear the English Section. This mainly happens due to their lack of grip on Grammar as most of the questions are either fill in the blanks or finding the incorrect word. This can be improved again by reading newspapers on a daily basis or reading storybooks.

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  3. Jot Down the Unknown Words:
    No one is perfect in this world and hence a person might face difficulties while reading newspapers. We often ignore the words whose meaning we don’t know, rather we must note down the words and with the help of a dictionary should find out the meaning of the word.
  4. Practice is the need of time:
    Apart from keeping all these points in mind, the candidate must also try to solve the mock papers as well as previous year question papers of the SBI PO English Paper to get an idea about the questions that come in these exams.
  5. Try Attempting English Section in the Beginning:
    As there are comprehensions that require a lot of time to be read and then answer the questions, it is advised that the English Section must be attempted at the beginning as it becomes quite difficult to read and answer the questions of the comprehension after solving the tougher sections like Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning.

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Therefore, it is advisable for candidates to take up the English Section first during the SBI PO exam.

For any upcoming bank exams, candidates need to plan everything beforehand and start preparation accordingly. Watching various English news channels and reading journals can prove beneficial. Moreover try to have a conversation in English with your friends and peers as this will help in improving a person’s knowledge in English.

We hope these points discussed above are helpful and help you to prepare for the SBI PO English part accordingly. Meanwhile, you can also join the BYJU’S Bank Exam Learning Program for your bank exam preparation and succeed in your exam.

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