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The UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams to crack in India. With a three-stage exam process, a vast syllabus, and intense competition, it is no wonder that the exam has a dismal pass percentage. However, with the best study material for UPSC, and the right guidance, aspirants can crack this exam and fulfil their IAS dreams.

Apart from the UPSC books, aspirants can take the help of many useful YouTube channels for the IAS exam preparation. In this article, we give you a list of the best YouTube channels for UPSC.

Best YouTube Channels for UPSC IAS Preparation

With technology disrupting the way we learn, books and classrooms are not the only methods to acquire knowledge. The internet offers a plethora of sources for knowledge acquisition, sharing and even discussion among peers. 

Additionally, video learning offers a new experience where the learner can learn as per his/her own pace. What’s more? They can also choose to watch the videos when they want and where they want! To top it all, they are free! Read on to get a list of the best YouTube channels for UPSC preparation.


The Rajya Sabha TV’s YouTube channel is a mine of wonderfully informative and educational videos that a UPSC aspirant must watch. The channel showcases the RSTV debates on programs like the ‘Big Picture’ and ‘India’s World’. These programs discuss the pressing issues of the day covering diverse topics.

#2 Lok Sabha TV

The LSTV channel puts out some brilliant videos on topics of social issues. It also showcases interviews of eminent persons, all of which can offer great insights for IAS aspirants, especially for the IAS interview.

#3 The Hindu

UPSC aspirants are well-aware of the relevance of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper for the IAS exam. The newspaper also has a YouTube channel that dishes out many videos on national and international issues covering topics like politics, health, social issues, environment, art & culture, and other important subjects.

#4 BBC News

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is an international broadcaster and their YouTube channel is quite informative when it comes to world news. 


The BYJU’S IAS YouTube channel is one of the best IAS exam prep channels offering free video content and daily updates. Apart from the Daily Quiz videos and Daily News Analysis videos, the channel also releases live video lectures every week on the ‘Explained’ session where important current affairs topics for UPSC are discussed and explained by eminent IAS faculty. The channel also showcases special videos for the budget, economic survey, UPSC exam paper discussion sessions, interview guidance program and weekly videos on business news.

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