What is the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act?

The Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act aims to cater to the civil requirements for victims of those who were affected due to nuclear disasters. This act ensures apt compensation as a helping hand for the victims.

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What is the aim of the Nuclear Damage Act?

The aim of Nuclear Damage Act is to provide a helping hand to the victims of nuclear damage or disaster in terms of compensation or other means.

Is there any rule to amend the Act?

No, there is no proposal to amend the Act.

What is CSC?

Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage (CSC) is an important strategy aimed at building an effective worldwide liability regime and to enhance the supply of the compensation available to the victims of nuclear accidents.

A state has to comply with the norms and annexure of the CSC and abide by its rules to become an eminent part of it.

Therefore, the state should check all the norms of the act before planning to become a part of it.

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