Current Affairs App

Current affairs is the most important segment in the UPSC civil services exam. This exam can be cleared only if the aspirant aces this section of the UPSC syllabus. Interestingly, this is also the section that rattles most candidates during their IAS preparation. The static portions are quite straight-forward and can be handled deftly with the right sources and the correct strategy. However, the dynamic portions which entail the current affairs portions are tricky.

The best source for current affairs is the daily newspaper. But the average newspaper gives a vast amount of information every day and it takes a specialised knowledge about the IAS exam and its pattern for one to be able to sieve the required ‘news’ from the remaining ‘noise’. This is where a proper guide can help the candidates.

The BYJU’S IAS coaching team has been helping students in this regard for any years successfully. Our free IAS prep website and current affair app is available for students to peruse and learn from. Our daily current affairs app features day-to-day news analysis which is invaluable for students looking for a comprehensive coverage of the daily news filtered and explained in a crisp manner. The best current affairs app also features practice questions for both prelims and mains exams. There are various current affairs app in Hindi as well for students who are not comfortable with English.

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Apart from studying from the right sources, it is also imperative that candidates evaluate themselves periodically in order to assess their own readiness for the UPSC civil services exam. The best way to do that would be to take quizzes and practice tests from the current affairs quiz app. These current affairs and GK apps provide model questions which candidates can solve and evaluate for themselves. This is a very important stage in the IAS preparation process as it makes candidates aware of their own shortcomings in the preparation.