Tips to Defeat Negativity & Crack UPSC Exam

A lot has been said about the factors needed to ensure success in the UPSC examination. Apart from sincere hard work, right guidance and efficient strategy to prepare and study; the right amount of confidence and faith in one’s own abilities are also essential to crack the Civil Services Exam. These factors can turn out to be very useful for IAS candidates.

Tackling Negativity While IAS Preparation

You might start out all positive and upbeat about your chances in the IAS exam, but somewhere down the lane, you might start doubting yourself. You might face a lot of negativity in the form of negative talk. Negative talk from others is easy enough to manage.

You can just ignore them. But what would you do if this negative talk comes from your own inner self? What if your own inner voice keeps on saying things like, ‘I can’t do this’, or ‘this is not my cup of tea?’.

This self-defeating talk has to be dealt with and dealt with as soon as they crop up. Also, you may follow UPSC Exam Strategies to understand the IAS exam better.

“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.” – Brad Henry

You cannot focus on your studies if your head is full of negativity. You will lose sleep and health in the process.

Tips to Defeat Negativity for UPSC

Read on if you want to know how to defeat this negative self-talk and overwhelming negativity, and propel yourself towards your IAS dreams:

  1. Read your own thoughts. As soon as you sense an unjust criticism coming your way, force yourself into saying, “I will get over it”.
  2. Constructive criticism is OK. For example, instead of saying, “This topic is way beyond my understanding”; you should say, “this topic seems a little tough but I’ll try harder.”
  3. Talk to only positive people. If you have ‘friends’ who are always trying to pull you down, cut off all contact with them, at least till the time you are preparing for the UPSC civil services exam. Positive and negative thoughts and vibes, both are infectious. So, surround yourself with the right kind of people.
  4. Ask yourself what the negative talk is all about? Is it guilt layered as under-confidence? It could be that you really need to pull your socks up a bit and add a bit of diligence to your UPSC exam preparation.
  5. Put a better spin on a bad situation. Instead of saying, “I can’t wake up early in the morning to study for my IAS exam”; say “I feel I am going to have to work harder on that front”.
  6. Focus on your task at hand like your life depends on it. When your minds are busy in something demanding and urgent, you cannot worry. You just will not get the time for it. In fact, it acts as a trigger towards positivity.
  7. Exercise can also dispel negativity. This is because when you work out, the pituitary gland located in the base of your brain releases hormones called endorphins, which make you feel exhilarated and happy; thus blocking out negativity.

So, be positive and remove all unfair self-evaluation from your mind. Focus only on your studies and achieve success in the civil services exam.

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