This week’s ‘Economy This Week’ segment brings to you all you need to know about the recent reforms in the MSME sector. Economics is an important segment of the IAS exam and is also extensively linked to current affairs.

The government announced 12 initiatives to boost the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector in India. In this issue of Economy This Week, you can read about the effectiveness of these reforms and also have an analysis of the support and outreach initiatives with regards to this sector.

Download the MSME Reforms PDF

Economy This week (MSME Reforms) PDF

Topics covered in this document are:

  1. Introduction to the MSME sector
  2. Importance
  3. Problems/issues faced by it
  4. Reforms undertaken
  5. Five areas the government intends to target
  6. What the reforms will do
  7. Concerns

You can also download the PPT of the video lecture from the link below:

MSME Reforms PPT

For more business news videos and PDFs, keep visiting the ‘Economy This Week’ segment regularly.


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