Focus on Your Aim to Crack UPSC IAS Exam

“Focus On Where You Want To Go Not On What You Fear.”

– Anthony Robbins


UPSC IAS Examination is not an easy exam to crack. It needs well-devised strategy, hard work, and dedication. Improving your focus can make you achieve the dream of becoming a good and an efficient IAS officer. One should have a dream in your life. Mold a dream and work hard for achieving that dream.


If you want to enhance your focus, then you need to learn to avoid disturbances. UPSC IAS Exam is not about testing knowledge; it is all about testing a person’s maturity, action, thought process, decision making skill and a lot many more. 


F – Follow

O – Organize

– Craft

– Unambiguous

– Self Assessment


Here we are giving some tips to focus on your aim and to crack UPSC IAS Exam. These small tips can bring a big change in your life.

Follow yourGoal

Without a right strategy, aspirant cannot achieve the goals of becoming an IAS officer. Once the aspirants start preparing for Civil Services IAS Examination, they should make a well-devised strategy and study plan. The syllabus of UPSC IAS Exam is diverse and vast. That does not mean one should know everything under the sun.


UPSC aspirant should be organized. There are many benefits being organized. The aspirant will be able to be more focused on what they want to achieve. This will help UPSC aspirant to set and achieve your goals in a more efficient manner. The energy and enthusiasm gained from good lifestyle habits are necessary to motivate you at every step of life.

Craft a study plan

Having a goal in your life makes you stay more focused. Towards achieving your goal and stayed focus become an IAS is not an easy task. But you have a clearly defined goal, you can achieve the dream.  UPSC IAS exam is the hardest exam in the country. Break this big goal into small goals. Here aspirants can break down syllabus into small parts. Setting appropriate and achievable goals will help you to complete the vast syllabus. Setting these types of goals will help you to crack UPSC Exam.

UnambiguousTime management

Time and tide wait for none. Time management is an important aspect of UPSC IAS Exam. Make an unambiguous time management and stick to it. From the preparation time in the examination hall, one should effectively use and handle the time.


Self-assessment is important to stay focused on your goals. In the journey towards to Mussorie, one should know their efficiency and capability and self-assessment will help you to stay focused.

Know when to say no

Some aspirants often put your goals aside for emotions, people or other things. Aspirants should say no to those things which would deviate from their goals. They should say no strictly towards the negative energy which tries to override them. A well organized and articulated person only knows about how to ward off such distractions.


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