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Indian Economy is one of the major parts of the UPSC syllabus. Many aspirants not from the economics background are apprehensive about how to start with Economics preparation for the IAS Exam. The NCERT books are considered as the foundation for the UPSC Examination Preparation.

The simple and comprehensive manner in which various topics are explained in the NCERT books helps the aspirants build a strong base before they start covering the UPSC Syllabus from other books and sources. The aspirants are advised to read (selectively) the NCERT books of class 9 to class 12 for Economics subject to understand the basics of a few concepts recurring in the exams.

Listed below are the links to NCERT books (downloadable PDF) for class 9, class 10, class 11, and class 12. The books are very important for Economy Paper preparation.

You can download the NCERT books PDF from the links below.

Download Economics NCERT Books

Download Indian Society Books

Listed below are the links to NCERT books (downloadable PDF) for class 11 – Introducing Sociology; Class 12 – Indian Society, and Class 12 – Social Change and Development in India. The books are very important for the General Studies Paper-1 Social Issues Paper preparation for the UPSC Mains Exam.

You can also download the NCERT PDFs for other subjects like Political Science, Geography, Biology, Economics, Ancient History, Modern History, etc from BYJU’S Free IAS Prep Website. It is often advised that the aspirants have to go through the NCERT books selectively. If you are confused as to which NCERTs must be read for the IAS exam preparation, the complete list of NCERT books to be read for the UPSC Examination can also be found on the BYJU’s IAS website.

Candidates seeking for UPSC Books in Hindi can check the linked article.

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