UPSC Exam: Gist of Yojana 2019

UPSC Exam Preparation: Gist of Yojana-2019 Monthly issues

The Yojana magazine is one of the most important and widely recommended magazines for UPSC preparation. It is a government publication and hence one of the best sources for preparation. It also covers a wide range of issues in the domains of social issues, agriculture, economy, industry, women empowerment, healthcare, security, etc. As aspirants, even if you do not have the time to read the entire magazine every month, you can make the most of the ‘Gist of Yojana’ segment. In this segment, we give you the exam-oriented analysis of the articles published in the magazine each month, for the UPSC civil services exam preparation.


From the below links, you can read the analysis of the Yojana magazine for the year 2019.


Yojana 2019 Monthly Issues Topics
January Issue Innovation
February Issue Infrastructure
March Issue Development
April Issue Handicrafts and Textiles of India
May Issue Harnessing Sustainable Energy
June Issue Yoga and Alternative Systems of Medicine
August Issue Union Budget 2019-20
September Issue Resurgent India
October Issue Invaluable Legacy

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