Important Poets in Ancient Indian History

It is a gruesome task to study Indian history for UPSC Civil Services IAS examination. It contains a lot of facts and details about so many persons and their contributions to the nation.

The history for UPSC IAS Exam can be divided into four parts – Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India and art and culture. A substantial weightage has been given to History over the years. The subject is vast as well as filled with facts. A plethora of questions keep shelling UPSC aspirant’s head like How to study history for IAS? What to focus on? How to read History?

Ancient Indian literature has been an ultimate magnificence for Indian civilization showcasing the enormous aggregate of flair and expertise presented by the masters themselves. Perhaps no other part of the world has created such a vast amount of literature encompassing knowledge and wisdom.

Ancient Indian poets have entailed several grades of minuscule details of their imagination and environments.

Here we are giving discussing the important Poets in Ancient Indian History which will be useful for UPSC civil services examination.

Famous court poets of India

Poet Patron Contribution
Amarasimha Chandragupta II
Ashvaghosa Kanishka Buddha Charitra (a biography of Buddha), Saundarananda
Banabhatta Harshvardhan Kadambari, Harsha Charita
Bharavi Yasodharman Kiratarjuniyam (about Kirat and Arjun)
Bhavabhuti Yasovarman Malatimadhava, Mahaviracharita
Dandin Narsimhavarman Dasakumaracarita, Kavyadarsa
Harisena Samudragupta II Prayag Prashasti on Allahabad Pillar inscription
Jayadev Geet Govinda (Krishna and Radha)
Jinasena Amoghavarsha Harivamsa Purana
Kalidasa Chandragupta II Kumarasambhava, Raghuvamsa, Meghdoota, Ritusambara. His plays are Abhijnana Shakuntalam, Vikramorvashi, and Malvikaganimithram.
Magha King Varmalata Sisupalavadha (about the killing of Shishupal)
Rajashekhar Mahindrapala Kavyamimamsa, and Karpuramanjari (written to please his wife in Sauraseni Prakrit).
Ravikirti Pulkesin II Aihole inscription
Shudraka Mrichchakatikam
Thiruvalluvar Thirukkural (Tamil epic)
Vishakhadatta Harshavardhan Mudra Rakshas and Devichandraguptam

Frequently Asked Questions on Poets in Ancient India


Q 1. Who are the greatest ancient Indian poets?

Ans. A few of the greatest ancient Indian poets are as follows:

Q 2. Which were the famous poems written by Kalidasa?

Ans. Kumarasambhava, Raghuvamsa, Meghdoota, Ritusambara are a few of the most famous poems written by Kalidasa.

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