UPSC Exam: How Many Apply VS How Many Clear

The UPSC Civil services prelims exam is scheduled to be conducted on 31st May 2020. Lakhs of people must be preparing day and night to clear this exam and secure the required cut-off that would earn them a place in the list of candidates eligible to take the UPSC mains exam. As you know, the pass percentage in the IAS exam is only about 0.2% – a very dismal number indeed. But don’t worry. All it takes to clear the UPSC exam and bag the prestigious IAS or IPS tag is a planned, systematic and devoted preparation for at least 12 months. Easier said than done, but it has been done before! This article gives you a glimpse of the competition you will be facing.

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We don’t mean to scare you with all the numbers but this is just to give you an idea of the enormity of the task ahead of you. So in case you are not serious, it’s time to get your act together!

We give you the number of candidates who applied for the UPSC prelims exams, the number who actually took them (a lot of people back out even before taking the prelims), the number of people who took the mains exam, the number of candidates who were interviewed and finally, the number who actually were selected.

Number of Candidates appeared in UPSC

Year Number of candidates who applied Number of candidates who took prelims Number of candidates who qualified for mains Number of candidates who took mains exam Number of candidates who appeared for interview Final number of candidates who got selected for posts
2017 10 lakhs (approx.) 5 lakhs (approx.) 13366 2568 (Number shortlisted) 990
2016 11.36 lakhs 5 lakhs 15445 2961 (Number shortlisted)
2015 945908 465882 15008 15,008 2797 1078
2014 947428 446623 16706 16286 3308 1236
2013 776604 324279 14800 14178 3001 1122
2012 550080 271442 12795 12190 2674 998
2011 499120 243236 11837 11237 2415 999
2010 547698 269036 12271 11865 2589 965
2009 409110 193091 11894 11516 2431 989
2008 325433 167035 11669 11330 2136 881
2007 333680 161469 9158 8886 1883 734
2006 383983 195803 7692 7496 1408 553

The statistics lead people to think that the UPSC exam is one of the toughest in India and that it is unassailable. This is a myth. With the right kind of guidance and preparation, anyone can clear the IAS exam.

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