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6th International Geriatric Orthopaedic Conference

  • The Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh inaugurated the 6thInternational Geriatric Orthopaedic Society of India Conference on the theme “Increased Longevity with Reduced Fragility and Enhanced Mobility”.
  • Under the Ayushman Bharat Health Protection Scheme the Government will provide affordable healthcare with universal health insurance to poor and needy people and their families, specially the elderly.
  • Due to economic progress in the country, the elderly population is increasing at great pace which is expected to touch 30 crore by 2050. Thus we also need to increase the health facilities for them.
  • The Government will establish around 1,50,000 Wellness Centres and Sub Centres across the country.


  • India and France have signed an implementation agreement on “MOBILISE YOUR CITY” (MYC).


  • Mobilise Your City (MYC) is part of an international initiative which is supported by the French and the German Governments and was launched at 21stConference of Parties (COP21) meeting in December, 2015.
  • Based on a proposal made by AFD in 2015, the European Union has agreed to provide funds of Euro 3.5 million through the AFD to contribute to specific investments and technical assistance components within the Mobilise Your City (MYC) programme in India.


  • To support three pilot cities viz. Nagpur, Kochi and Ahmedabad in their efforts to reduce their Green House Gas (GHG) emissions related to urban transport by implementing urban mobility plans at local level and to help India at national level to improve their sustainable transport policy.

The main components of the proposed assistance are:

  1. to support planning and implementation of sustainable urban transport projects,
  2. support to strengthening institutional capacity for regulating, steering and planning urban mobility, and
  3. learning and exchange formats with other cities across India for exchanges on best practices.

Indian Railways undertakes various IT initiatives

  • The major initiatives taken by Indian Railways in this regard:

Tracking of trains using newer technologies:

  • A Real Time Train Information System (RTIS) is being implemented, whereby GPS tracking devices would communicate using satellite communications. 

Handheld Devices on trains:

  • Handheld Terminals (HHTs) are being provided to the Train Ticket Examiners (TTEs) to be able to check the reserved coaches, allot the vacant berths and transmit information on available berths to the subsequent stations. 
  • The HHT can also access the ticketing application and collect excess fares as per rules. The terminal can potentially connect to a Point of Sale (POS) machine and charges can be collected digitally.

Modernisation of Ticketing Website (IRCTC):

  • Over the last four years, the capacity of the website has increased to 20,000 tickets per minute starting from 2000 tickets per minute in 2014, a ten-fold increase. 

Paperless Unreserved Ticketing through Mobile Phones:

  • This has eliminated the need for passengers to stand in queue for getting tickets for journey in unreserved compartments of trains.  The ticket is delivered on the Mobile Phone and is embedded with QR Code. 

Indian Railway e-Procurement System (IREPS):

  • Complete tendering activity of Indian Railways for procurement of goods, services & works and e-auction of scrap sale is on IREPS.  
  • IREPS system is largest such G to B portal in India. 
  • It has helped in achieving objectives of transparency, efficiency and improving of ease of doing business.

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