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4thWorld Summit on Accreditation (WOSA-2018)

  • Union Minister for HRD Shri Prakash Javadekar Inaugurates 4th World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA-2018). Speaking on this occasion the Minister said that ‘Ratings and Rankings’ both the quality hallmark for any educational institutions therefore accreditation becomes very important.
  • He further said that we need to cover each and every institution under accreditation but right now the number of accredited institutions is very less.
  • He said that that it may be for two reasons first some institutions do not want to come under accreditation and second we have some restriction in our own accreditation mechanism therefore government wants to increase the strength of NBA and NAAC so that more number of institutions can be accredited.


  • The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) is an autonomous organisation under Ministry of Human Resource Development engaged in quality assurance of the programs offered by the professional and technical institutions in India through accreditation.
  • NBA has been accorded Permanent Signatory Status of Washington Accord since June, 2014. 
  • It has adopted internationally implemented outcome based assessment and accreditation, to ensure that the graduates of the NBA accredited programs are globally competent and relevant.

WOSA 2018


52nd International Literacy Day

  • 52ndInternational Literacy Day was organised at New Delhi where, Union Minister of Human Resource Development Shri Praksah Javadekar said that it is very sad to see a large number of illiterate people in the country even after 70 years of independence.
  • To eradicate illiteracy from India literacy mission must be a social movement across the country. He further said that Government is committed to make New India and New India will be literate India (Saakshar Bharat).
  • Recently launched ‘Samagra Siksha’ which is an integrated scheme for school education extending support to States from pre-school to senior secondary levels for the first time. Under this scheme about one million schools will get library grant of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000 to strengthen the libraries to ensure that “Padhega Bharat Badhega Bharat”.


  • International Literacy Day (ILD) is celebrated on 8thSeptember every year all over the world.
  • The celebration of ILD started following a recommendation of the World Conference of Ministers of Education on the Eradication of Illiteracy which met in Tehran in September 1965. The Conference recommended that 8thSeptember, the date of the inauguration of the Conference, be proclaimed International Literacy Day and be observed world-wide. UNESCO in 14th Session of its General Conference held in Paris in November 1966, formally proclaimed 8th September as International Literacy Day.
  • In India, literacy and particularly Adult literacy has been a national priority since independence. With a view to eradicate illiteracy and impart functional literacy and lifelong education to adult education, National Literacy Mission was launched by Government of India in 1988.

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