Average Academic Profile and Civil Services IAS Exam

UPSC Civil service IAS Exam is a popular recruitment in India. The exam sets a platform for all students from various fields can appear for this exam.

Aspirants would find this article very helpful while preparing for the UPSC 2021.

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Can an Average Student Crack UPSC?

The exam is conducted in three stages. The initial stage is the Preliminary exam which is purely objective in nature. The Civil Services Mains (written) examination is the second phase which in written in nature. The last stage is the interview which has been conducted in Dholpur house, Delhi.

It is not rare that a lot of students want to be a Civil Servant. To become an IAS officer or IPS officer is an involuntary choice for a lot of people. Aspirants should have right strategies and fully dedicated mind to achieve the goal of becoming an IAS officer. Several factors come into plays that have the potential to change aspirant’s plans of becoming a Civil Servant. One such substantial element which troubles a lot of fresh candidates happened to be Academic Profile.

A typical question that several IAS aspirants ask themselves is whether it is sagacious to think of appearing for the UPSC IAS Examination if they have an Academic Profile that stretches from ‘average’ to ‘Poor’. Here we are giving panacea for the confusion among the aspirants.

Thus, let’s get to the core of this question and try to comprehend the major reason that could incite a potential aspirant to ask this question. We can think about the accompanying reasons in the matter of why might somebody ask this.

Sometimes aspirant is unaware about the eligibility criteria for IAS Exam and is asking it out of curiosity. In another case, the aspirant wants to know as to if with poor academic background make it to the services ever or not.

Almost all the candidates who are succeeded in the Civil Services IAS Exam are those who are in top 1% of the academics. In fact, the aspirants who are poor in such short competitive exam incline to perform well in the UPSC civil service exam. Aspirants should understand that the UPSC IAS Exam demands more than just intelligence. A judicious mix of right strategy, perseverance, and determination to not give up when you face an obstacle are some of the factors playing a major role for success in this examination.

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If you go through the success stories featured in our ‘Get Inspired’ section, you will find many IAS toppers with poor academic background, who with their dedication and planned strategy cleared the UPSC exam.

Aspirants should understand that the past profile does not matter once it comes to the UPSC IAS Exam. During the one-year, preparation candidates should be able to dedicate sincerely to achieve the goals.


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  1. 57% marks in 10th and 69% marks in 12 can i become ias officer