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Title : Renewable energy

Fuels derived from Biomass are called Biofuels. They are found in the solid, liquid, and gaseous state. Biofuels become necessary in the 21st century for the energy security of the globe. Conventional biofuels prepared from sugar or starch

Bioalcohol  is produced from the fermentation of sugars or starch. Ethanol is the most commonly used fuel in the world. It can be prepared by sugarbeet, corn, wheat or potato

Biodiesel  is a biodiesel prepared by transesterification of liquid or fat. It consists of methyl or ethyl esters

Bioethers Bioethers are produced by the reaction of  isobutylene, with bioethanol. It is used as the octane enhancer. It is prepared with wheat or sugarbeat

Biofuel gasoline UK researchers developed genetically modified E.coli which could transform sugar into gasoline

Green Diesel hydrocracking of bio-feedstocks(vegetable oil)  produces green diesel



Consider the following.

  1. Wood
  2. Bio diesel
  3. Syngas

Which among them is/are the Biofuels?

A) 2 only
B) 2,3 only
C) 1,3 only
D) All of the above

Answer : D (wood, grass are solid biofuels)

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