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CSE Prelims Mock Test 2019

The UPSC IAS exam is attempted by lakhs of people every year in the hope of making it to the prestigious Indian civil services. The UPSC syllabus is vast and the competition intense; hence, only serious dedicated candidates who approach the IAS exam preparation in a systematic manner stand a chance to come out with flying colours. One key factor leading to IAS success is taking UPSC mock tests.

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Why should you take UPSC Prelims Mock Tests?

UPSC prelims 2019 is just around the corner and this is the time for revision and mock tests. The UPSC Prelims is the first phase of the civil services exam and only candidates who clear it would be eligible to take the mains exam due in September this year. Even though the prelims consists of only MCQs, the question papers are generally tough and the steep competition makes it doubly difficult. The UPSC cut off for the prelims paper I (General Studies I) keeps varying from year to year, and it is the only exam-simulated practice that makes the difference between clearing the exam and wasting an attempt.

The benefits of taking mock tests are:

  1. Candidates will be aware of their weak areas in all subjects which they can then revise.
  2. Candidates will learn how to manage time during the exam. Only those who complete the paper will be able to perform well and this takes ample practice. Solving 100 questions in 120 minutes is no mean feat.
  3. The UPSC, in order to avoid wild guesswork by the candidates, has introduced negative marking for incorrect answers. This makes the task at hand very tough indeed. But with enough practice, candidates can learn how to deftly avoid negative marking by methods like intelligent guesswork through elimination. Taking mock tests will equip you with the know-how.
  4. Even if you have studied thoroughly and covered the entire syllabus, facing the question paper on the D-day can be a nerve-wracking affair. Solving papers in an exam-like setting can help you ease nerves. This helps you concentrate better and hence, perform better.

Taking mock tests is like net practice in cricket! Without this crucial aspect of preparation, all amount of reading can go waste, and not produce the results you desire. Moreover, all toppers swear by mock tests.

BYJU’S has come up with prelims mock tests for students absolutely FREE!

UPSC Mock Test Description IAS Mock Test for Prelims 2019 – General Studies Paper 1
Number of Questions 100
Nature of Questions Objective
Duration 2 hours
Answers and explanations Provided

Take the BYJU’S Prelims Mock Tests and boost your chances of clearing the UPSC Prelims 2019.

  • Students will also be provided with the correct answers with explanations at the end of the mock tests.
  • The tests are prepared by the best IAS faculty with tons of experience in this field.
  • Extra attention is given to current affairs.
  • Questions are prepared based on previous year UPSC question papers and trends.

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