Dealing with the Ups and Downs of UPSC Preparation

“Remember that life is full of ups and downs. Without the downs, the ups would mean nothing.”

The UPSC exam preparation is a long-drawn process taking almost a whole year. It is a journey filled with emotional upheavals as various factors such as the huge UPSC syllabus to complete, the accumulation of current affairs material, the endless pressure from family and society – all can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. IAS preparation is like a rollercoaster ride. Some days, you feel like you are on top of the world, well on your way towards becoming an IAS officer. On other days, you feel downright depressed, and thoughts like “I can never crack the IAS exam” run through your head. Read on to know how to deal with the ups and downs of a UPSC exam preparation.

You can better deal with depressing days if you do the following:

  • Be grateful on your ‘up’ days

On days when you feel upbeat about how your IAS preparation is going, be grateful. Be thankful to your family, teachers and friends and all those who are supporting you in your IAS pursuit. Gratitude is a positive feeling and it can motivate you further.

  • Write down what you accomplished

Following step number one, write down and capture the moment. Make a note of what you accomplished and how it was made possible. This will be handy when you are in your ‘down’ mood.

  • Why are you upset?

During your ‘down’ days or time, ask yourself why you are upset. What is it specifically that is making you feel so glum. Is it a particular topic, a bad test that you gave or is it entirely not related to your studies? Analyze the reason and try to work towards improving the situation. Sometimes, you may feel bad for no exact reason. In that case, just understand that this is a temporary situation.

  • Remember bad days shall pass

Life is indeed a rollercoaster. You have to enjoy the ride. You can never be happy all the time or sad forever. Everything is transient. If you accept this, you will be able to handle bad days with equanimity.

  • Let your endorphins change your mood

Being sad or happy is just chemistry. Working out is a good way to improve your mood. Physical exercises release endorphins which help you in reducing stress.

  • When you are upset, read what you wrote in your happy time (step 2)

Another step you can take to enhance your gloomy mood is to take out the piece of paper in which you recorded your happy time. This will surely uplift you.

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