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Title: Biomolecules

Enzymes are proteins. And their function is determined by their structure. Enzymes act as the catalyst in any biological reaction in the human body. It is estimated there are nearly 40000 enzymes in the human body. They all have a different role to play in humans. They were discovered by Buchner in 1900. Most of the enzymes also help in life process besides being the catalyst. They increase the speed of the reactions in organisms.


The rate of enzyme reaction also depends on factors like temperature, pH, concentration and substrate. There are enzymes which inhibit the reactions known as inhibitor


There is systematic nomenclature system for enzymes and enzymes are named by International enzyme commission (IEC) . Enzymes are named on the reaction they catalyse. Generally, reaction takes place in small part of the enzyme called as active site



Which of the following biomolecules help in chemical reactions in the organism

A) Carbohydrates
B) Enzymes
C) Lipids
D) Vitamins

Answer: B

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