How is Management Optional for UPSC Civil Services Exam?

Management as an optional in the IAS exam is not a very popular subject. However, the number of takers is increasing now as compared to the past. There are a few management graduates making it to the toppers’ list too. How good an optional is management? This article talks about the benefits and pitfalls of management optional for the UPSC civil service exam.

Aspirants would find this article very helpful while preparing for the IAS Exam.

Who Should take Management Optional in IAS exam?

Management optional is only recommended for candidates with a background in management, either at the graduate or post-graduate level. It is not a subject easy to master from scratch particularly for the IAS mains. But if you are a management graduate and enjoyed the subject in college, you can take up this optional and use it to your advantage in the mains exam.

Advantages of Management Optional

  1. The questions are generally at the easy-to-medium level. They are straight-forward and simple enough if you have prepared well.
  2. The questions are also predictable. Go through the previous years’ IAS questions papers to get an idea of the kind of questions asked.
  3. There are not many takers for this optional unlike say, public administration or geography. So, competition is far less.
  4. Management is a logical subject. The answers are not subject to interpretation. This makes it more scoring than subjects like literature, history, etc.
  5. As future administrators and managers, you can use your knowledge of management techniques in your job.

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Disadvantages of Management Optional

  1. The USPC syllabus for management is rather vast. It is very difficult to cover the whole syllabus on time.
  2. Paper II can be lengthy and problematic to finish.
  3. There is not much overlap with the general studies papers. At most, you can use some concepts and ideas in management in some places in the essay paper, GS paper II and III.

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