01 Oct 2023: UPSC Exam Comprehensive News Analysis

01 October 2023 CNA
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A. GS 1 Related
1. September rainfall washes off India’s monsoon deficit
B. GS 2 Related
1. The concerns of using Aadhaar in welfare
C. GS 3 Related
1. How important is the first asteroid sample?
D. GS 4 Related
E. Editorials
1. Asia’s disputed waters
F. Prelims Facts
1. Kazan meet makes no headway on equal rights in Afghanistan
2. Army’s Project Udbhav to rediscover ‘Indic heritage of statecraft’ from ancient texts
G. Tidbits
H. UPSC Prelims Practice Questions
I. UPSC Mains Practice Questions
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F. Prelims Facts

1. Kazan meet makes no headway on equal rights in Afghanistan

Context: The recent “Moscow Format” meeting in Kazan, Russia, aimed to address the ongoing challenges in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover. The meeting brought together various regional stakeholders, including India, with a focus on urging the Taliban to establish an inclusive government and uphold equal rights, particularly women’s education.

Meeting Participants and Objectives:

  • Participants: The meeting included representatives from nine nations, including India, the Taliban’s Acting Foreign Minister, and special envoys from Pakistan, Russia, China, Iran, and Central Asian states.
  • Objectives: The primary goals of the meeting were to press the Taliban for the formation of an inclusive government and the assurance of equal rights and freedoms for all Afghans, especially women. Additionally, the meeting discussed humanitarian assistance and economic cooperation with Afghanistan.

Outcome and Challenges:

  • Lack of Progress on Inclusive Government: The meeting expressed regret over the absence of progress in forming an inclusive government in Afghanistan that represents various ethno-political groups.
  • Equal Rights and Freedoms: The participants emphasized the importance of fundamental rights and freedoms, including equal access to work, education, and justice for all Afghans, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or religion. Concerns were raised about imposed restrictions on women’s employment and girls’ education.
  • Humanitarian Assistance: The participants pledged to continue providing humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, highlighting the pressing need for assistance amid the country’s challenging humanitarian situation.
  • Economic Ties: Strengthening bilateral and multilateral economic ties with Afghanistan was discussed as a means to support the country’s economic recovery.

Taliban’s Response and Diplomatic Engagement:

    • Taliban’s Stance: Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi expressed the administration’s readiness to engage with the international community based on “common legitimate interests.” He underscored that foreign interventions had not resolved Afghanistan’s problems over the past decades.
    • Lack of Recognition: No country officially recognizes the Taliban regime as a legitimate government. However, all the Moscow Format countries and observer nations maintain diplomatic missions in Kabul.
    • India’s Engagement: India, which reopened its embassy in Afghanistan as a “technical mission” in June 2022, has been involved in discussions with the Taliban regarding humanitarian assistance and infrastructure projects in Afghanistan.
About Moscow Format:
  • A dialogue platform on Afghanistan, initiated in 2017.​
  • To promote regional peace and cooperation​.
  • 6 founding members; Now 9 members: China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.​

2. Army’s Project Udbhav to rediscover ‘Indic heritage of statecraft’ from ancient texts

Context: The Indian Army has started an initiative, named Project Udbhav.

Project Udbhav​:

  • Started by the Indian Army in collaboration with the United Service Institution of India (USI).​
  • To rediscover the “profound Indic heritage of statecraft and strategic thoughts” derived from ancient Indian texts of “statecraft, warcraft, diplomacy, and grand strategy”​
  • In connection with this, USI will conduct a Military Heritage Festival on October 21 and 22​
  • Another goal is to develop an “indigenous strategic vocabulary”​
  • Overall aim is to integrate age-old wisdom with modern military pedagogy​

G. Tidbits

Nothing here for today!!!

H. UPSC Prelims Practice Questions

Q1. Consider the following factors that influence Indian Monsoon:
  1. Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)
  2. Intense low-pressure formation over the Tibetan Plateau
  3. Subtropical jet stream  

How many of the statements given above are incorrect?

  1. Only one
  2. Only two
  3. Only three
  4. None

Answer: d

Explanation: All statements are correct

Q2. Consider the following statements:
  1. Moscow Format is a dialogue platform on the peace process in Afghanistan.
  2. India is not a party to the Moscow Format. 

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: a

Explanation: The Moscow format was introduced on the basis of the six-party mechanism for consultations between special representatives from Russia, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Iran and India.

Q3. Project Udbhav initiative was recently seen in the news and is related to which 
of the following options ?
  1. Analyzing fossils
  2. Study of evolution of flora and fauna
  3. Initiative to protect critically endangered species
  4. Rediscovering of ‘Indic heritage of statecraft’ from ancient texts

Answer: d

Explanation: Project Udbhav initiative aims to rediscover ‘Indic heritage of statecraft’ from ancient texts.

Q4. OSIRIS-REx Mission recently seen in news, collected samples from which of the 
following asteroids?
  1. Asteroid Ryugu
  2. Asteroid Bennu
  3. Asteroid Itokawa
  4. Asteroid Apophis

Answer: b

Explanation: OSIRIS-REx mission  collected sample from the asteroid 101955 Bennu. 

Q5. Which of the following islands is not present in the South China Sea?
  1. Spratly Islands
  2. Paracel Islands
  3. Scarborough Shoal
  4. Reunion island

Answer: d

Explanation: Reunion island is present in the Indian Ocean.


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