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The UPSC Civil Services Mains exam 2020 is scheduled to take place in January 2021. Candidates who clear the UPSC Prelims are eligible for appearing in the UPSC Mains exam, which is the second hurdle to clear in pursuit of the IAS. 

Candidates should know that clearing the Mains exam is quite unlike the prelims. Here, apart from knowledge, a candidate’s answer writing skills, analytical skills, as well as time management abilities are tested. That is why, in order to clear the IAS Mains, it is important to get ample answer writing practice and that too in an exam simulated setting. 

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The Mains exam consists of nine papers including two optional papers. One of the most popular optional subjects is Anthropology. Anthropology is an interesting subject and is quite scoring too. For aspirants with a background in science or engineering (although a science background is not necessary for this optional), anthropology is considered a very good optional to choose.

For more on the anthropology optional, click on the link.

Anthropology Optional Test Series 2020

BYJU’S IAS Anthropology Optional Test Series commences on 31st October 2020. If you have opted for the Anthropology optional, enrol now to get a huge advantage ahead of your competitors. 

Salient features of the BYJU’S Anthropology Test Series

    • Comprehensive coverage of the UPSC Anthropology Syllabus.
    • Focus on analytical questions on par with UPSC standards.
    • Students will get detailed model answers written by UPSC experts.
    • Detailed evaluation provided for the tests.
    • MTS available in both online and offline modes.
    • Anthropology MTS offers 4 sectional and 2 full-length tests

For further details on the BYJU’S Anthropology Test Series (Timetable, Schedule, Syllabus), click on the download button:- Download PDF Here

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