8 Simple Ways to Prepare - Current Affairs [UPSC Exam]

This article provides 8 simple ways to prepare for Current Affairs section in the UPSC Civil Service Exam. Current affairs is the fulcrum in the preparation of Civil Service Exam. The range of topics that needs to be covered is humongous, hence there needs to be a strategy to cover the topics very efficiently and effectively in limited time span; and this article will help one to develop that simple strategy.

Aspirants would find this topic very helpful while preparing for the IAS Exam.

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Make a Habit of Reading Newspaper Every Day

IAS Aspirants can choose their method either by reading the newspaper on their own or our Comprehensive News Analysis (CNA) regularly and should make sure not to miss on any contemporary issues that hit the news frequently such as economic and political issues, environment disasters or programmes, new development in the science and technology world etc.

Don’t Choose too Many Newspapers to Read

Two or three major newspapers or refer our Comprehensive News Analysis (CNA), which is divided into four papers GS Paper I, GS Paper II, GS Paper III, and GS Paper IV with is further sectioned into various categories and topics that falls under these papers, our CNA also covers important editorials and PIB articles for UPSC Current Affairs.

Follow the News Updates

Updates provided by the ministries and organizations such as ministry of finance, RBI and others are important (covered in our PIB section).

Make Current Affairs Notes of your Own

Refer our CNA, candidates can make the current affairs notes in chronological order for which they can refer our Monthly and Weekly News Analysis. For e.g. the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)was in news frequently for launching Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle , nano satellites, keep an eye for such kind of news that make the newspaper frequently. Understand nano satellites; know the basics about satellites, ISRO, list of satellites launched by ISRO till now etc.

Any Issues Related to Geography or International Affairs

make sure to prepare this area keeping a map aside. As, this will help you to understand and analyze the issues with the neighboring countries as well as you will get a complete picture of political, geographical or societal problems faced by the people regionally.

Do Not Try to Mug Up

In UPSC Syllabus tradition subject based, there are certain areas that are to be mugged up but you cannot apply the same mug up process while preparing for Current Affairs section of UPSC Exam. Hence it is advised to remember the dates by associating it with some issues also it is important to remember the organization or country related to it.

Keep following our Reliable Comprehensive News Analysis

For IAS Current Affairs to make sure that you have covered all the major issues for the exam.

Final step

Get an idea what kind of questions can be asked from current affairs section and to get a fair knowledge about this try to solve current affairs quiz daily or weekly basis.

These are the 8 simple ways to prepare for current affairs section of UPSC Syllabus for Civil Services IAS Exam, follow these regularly to get an upper hand in this area.


The above details would help candidates prepare for UPSC 2020.

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