What is the Current Situation in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is currently ruled by a civilian government elected by the general public. Large swathes of the country are still controlled by the terrorist organisation Taliban and they carry out frequent attacks on the public and government.. The US Government is trying to negotiate a peace deal with the Taliban. Though an agreement was signed recently, the peace deal did not last even for a day. The country still has high levels of poverty, child malnutrition.

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Why is Afghanistan at War?

The US invaded Afghanistan along with its allies after the September 11, 2001 terrorists attack on the World Trade Centre, Twin Towers in New York. The US wanted to dismantle the terror infrastructure and eliminate Al-Qaeda that was provided a safe haven in Afghanistan by the Taliban. The war is still going on as the Taliban could not be eliminated by the US and NATO completely due to tacit support provided by Pakistan to Taliban. President Trump does not want to continue the war and has taken decisions to completely pull out US troops from Afghanistan in a phased manner.

The US Policy might change after President Biden comes into power.

Who won the Soviet-Afghan war?

The Soviet-Afghan war started on December 24, 1979 and ended on February 15, 1989. The war began after the Afghanistan Communist Party took control of the country and started a modernization drive across the nation. However, this was resented by some sections. Hence war was fought against the Soviet Union by the Afghan Mujahideen supported by the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. This became a cold war proxy war ultimately resulting in the defeat of Soviet Union in 1989 and the country steeped into perennial war due to the policy of harboring terrorism by the Taliban.

How Much Money does the US give to Afghanistan?

The United State of America (USA) roughly provides around $ 4 billion in military aid to Afghanistan every year and $ 500 million in civilian aid. Approximately 75% of Afghanistan’s public expenditures every year are dependent on foreign aid. Recently in March 2020, American officials announced immediate reductions in aid to Afghanistan by $ 1billion and threatened to reduce more in the next year. 

India-Afghanistan Relations

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