What are the Major Contributions of Anita Kaul?

Anita Kaul was a 1979 batch IAS officer, who served in various districts of Karnataka. She served as Deputy Commissioner of Chickmangalur, Shivamoga and Gulbarga districts before getting posted on Central Government  deputation.

  1. Anita Kaul reformed the Indian elementary education system, she understood the importance of education in the development story of a nation.
  2. Anita Kaul played a major role behind Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009.
  3. She was the driving force behind implementation of Nali Kali in Karnataka’s primary schools.
  4. Retired as Secretary, Department of Justice, highest ranking civil servant in the Ministry of Law and Justice.
  5. Was Director of National Literacy Mission and successfully implemented Total Literacy campaign across all districts in India.
  6. She played a vital role in National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill, 2014.
  7. Mahila Samikhya women empowerment program in Karnataka.

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What is Right To Education (RTE) Act?

  1. It was an Act enacted by Parliament of India in 2009.
  2. Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry implemeted RTE Act
  3. This Act made provision of education for all children the age group 6 yrs- 14 yrs, a Fundamental Right.
  4. With this Act, India became one of the 135 countries to make education a fundamental right.

What is Nali and Kali (Play and Learn)

  1. Nali Kali means play and learn, a project implemeted by Anita Kaul in the sphere of education.
  2. This is system of activity based learning.
  3. Developed as part of UNICEF pilot project.
  4. It was implemented in Mysore District of Karnataka.
  5. The objective was to retain students in school as well as increase the enrollment in schools.
  6. This program allows every child to assess his/her own progress.
  7. In 2008, this program was implemented in 14,000 schools in Karnataka.

What is Mahila Samikhya Program?

This is one of programs Anita Kaul was closely associated with.

  1. It is a women empowerment program started in Karnataka
  2. It is a program to build awareness, and skills in women
  3. This program tried to deal and overcome the various problems faced by women like issues of self confidence,regressive social customs.
  4. Set up residential camps, centers for early childhood development.
  5. The target segment was school drop out girls from socially and marginalized communities.


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