UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus

The UPSC allows Bodo literature as one of the optional literature subjects for the Civil Services Main Examination. Bodo is one of the 22 official languages of India included in the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India. Bodo has a literary tradition of translations, original works like dramas, poetry and philosophy which has only been recently recognised in mainstream literature.

UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus PDF:-Download Syllabus PDF

Being a language subject, candidates who are proficient in Bodo and have studied it as a part of their curriculum or have learnt Bodo as their mother tongue should take up this optional. The paper has to be written in the Devanagari script. In this article, we provide you the detailed UPSC syllabus for Bodo optional and also the UPSC Bodo Optional Syllabus PDF.

Bodo literature syllabus for UPSC

Bodo Literature consists of two papers (paper I and paper II) in UPSC Mains. Each paper is of 250 marks with a total of 500 marks. Find below the IAS Bodo syllabus:

UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Paper I syllabus:

UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Paper II syllabus:

IAS aspirants should note that literature of Bodo language for UPSC can potentially increase their chances of selection due to the low competition. Also, rural candidates have an advantage when opting for literature optionals as state education boards which have a higher reach in rural areas tend to have well-developed curricula for regional languages. Bodo is a relatively new addition to the UPSC optional subject list, hence candidates should source Bodo study material from state textbooks of Assam, specifically from the Bodoland Autonomous Districts. They can also refer to sources from university syllabi of universities from north Assam, such as Bodoland University which have well-developed curricula on Bodo literature.

UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus PDF:-Download Syllabus PDF

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