Bus-rapid Transit Corridors

Bus rapid transit (Busway, BRT, BRTS) is a mass transit system and is bus-based. Generally, the Bus rapid transit system has specialized services, infrastructure and design to remove the causes of delay and to improve system quality. At times described as a “surface subway”, the Bus Rapid Transit aims at combining the speed and capacity of metro or light rail with the simplicity of a bus system, flexibility, lower cost and simplicity of a bus system. A BRT system would comprise of most of the following:

  1. Station with off-board ticket collection
  2. Alignment in the centre of the roads
  3. Level of station platforms equal to the bus floor

 In 1974, the first Bus rapid transit system was launched ) in Curitiba, Brazil. It was called the Rede Integrada de Transporte (‘Integrated Transportation Network’. Many similar transit systems were inspired s around the world and Brazil by this Integrated Transportation Network, such as, in 2000, TransMilenio in Bogotá, Colombia, was opened. As in 2014, a total of 186 cities across six continents have implemented the busway systems. It accounts for 4,757 km (2,956 mi) of Bus rapid transit lanes.