What are the Different Types of Puppets Used in India?

List of 4 major types of puppets used in India are given below.

  1. Glove Puppets
  2. Rod Puppets
  3. Shadow Puppets
  4. String Puppets

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Which are the Glove Puppet Forms of India?

Glove puppets are popular in a few states like Kerala, West Bengal, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh. Glove puppets are also known as hand puppets, sleeve puppets, palm puppets. Further information is listed below.

  1. Sakhi Kundhei Nata – It is the glove puppetry which is popular in Orissa. The plays are mostly based on stories of Krishna and Radha. It is popular in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack district.
  2. Pavakoothu – It is popular in Kerala. The usual themes are based on Mahabharat and Ramayan.
  3. Beni Putul – It means Dolls for Commercial purpose. It was used as a tool of resistance against the oppression by British. This was popular in East Midnapur, Murshidabad and 24 Parganas Districts.

What Types of Puppets are Used across the globe?

Many varieties of Puppetry exist across the globe. Some of the types of puppets used across the globe are listed below. 

  1. Black Light Puppet – Puppets are lit with Ultra Violet (UV) light
  2. Bunraku Puppet – Used in Japan
  3. Carnival Puppet – Used in USA, South Africa
  4. Light Curtain Puppet
  5. Motekar – Kind of Shadow Puppet forms used in Indonesia
  6. Object Puppet – This puppet is assembled using everyday objects.

Why is Puppetry Important?

Puppetry is important because it can help children in developing the following skills.

  1. Language and Communication skills
  2. Helps in social and emotional development
  3. Helps in increasing listening skills
  4. Helps in using their imagination.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Glove Puppet Forms in India


Q 1. What are the different puppet forms in India?

Ans. The different glove puppet forms in India are as follows:

  • Sakhi Kundhei Nata
  • Pavakoothu
  • Beni Putul

Q 2. What are different puppet types in India?

Ans. There are four major puppet types in India. These include String Puppets, Shadow Puppets, Rod Puppets and Glove Puppets.

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