Nabh Nextgen Airports Bharat Nirman Initiative

UPSC Exam Preparation: Topic of the Day – NABH (NextGen Airports for BHarat) Nirman initiative

The government is committed to the building of airport capacity as part of NABH (NextGen Airports for BHarat) Nirman initiative. 

In various Airports, the Capacity Constraint has come to such a point that the airports like Delhi and Mumbai are unable to provide further slots for new services. According to some government documents, at least 25 of the 50 busiest airports in India are already operating beyond their capacity, while almost all the others will reach optimal capacity in 2018-19 with the aviation industry growing at an unanticipated rate of 18-20% each year.

  • NABH (NextGen Airports for BHarat) Nirman initiative aims at increasing the number of Airports and their capacity to handle the traffic.
  • Currently, the Airport Authority of India (AAI) has 124 airports. The new scheme has proposed to expand it and increase the traffic handling capacity of airports by more than five times the airport capacity to handle a billion trips a year.
  •  The project aims for construction of 100 new airports in the next 10 years, by investing Rs 2 trillion.

The three key aspects of NABH Nirman are

 (1) Fair and equitable land acquisition,

(2) Long-term master plan for the airport and regional development

(3) Balanced economics for all stakeholders.

About NABH Nirman Initiative

  • It was announced in the budget (2018).
  • It seeks expansion of the airport capacity more than 5 times to handle a billion trips a year.
  • It aims to establish about 100 airports in 15 years at an estimated investment of Rs 4 lakh crore and a large percentage of the investment is to come from the private sector.
  • It will help to connect smaller towns and cities and increase tourism and economic activity


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