Major Sections To Study For Assured Success In Bank PO Exam

In this article, we are going to focus on the important subjects for assured success in the Bank PO exam.

Bank PO is an amazing career option for young graduates who have recently completed their graduation and wish to pursue a career in the banking industry and apply for the upcoming bank exams 2020.

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Also, the links given below shall help you analyse the bank exam syllabus and important topics well:

The Bank PO exam syllabus is vast and for any aspirant who wishes to qualify any of the bank PO exams, he or she needs to be completely aware of the bank PO exam syllabus and only then can they start the preparation.

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However, the bank PO exam is not an easy task to accomplish. An aspirant needs to put in a lot of effort to crack the bank PO exam in the first attempt.

Candidates who wish to know the detailed bank PO exam syllabus can visit the bank exam syllabus page for the section-wise syllabus.

Types of Bank PO Exams

In India, there are types of Bank PO Exams:

  1. IBPS Probationary Officer (PO)
  2. SBI Probationary Officer (PO)

There are three phases of Bank PO examination:

  1. Preliminary Exam
  2. Mains Exam
  3. Personal Interview

Out of the 3 phases of the bank examination, 2 rounds are Common Written Examination (CWE) and the last round is the Interview.

Government Exam 2020

Those candidates who meet the sectional cutoff of both Prelims and Mains exams are eligible to be called for Interview. However, with an accumulated score of all 3 stages which match the required cutoff, the final list of shortlisted candidates are the ones who are called for the training of bank PO.

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Important Sections to Cover for Guaranteed Success in Bank PO

The bank PO is without a doubt, one of the most coveted positions among different bank jobs with respect to bank PO salary, job authority and most sough-after job opportunity.

Important Bank Information:

Hence, to score well in the bank PO exam, a candidate must pay special attention to the following list of subjects that cover the whole bank PO selection process and bank exam syllabus for the CWE:

1. English Language:

Many candidates can barely meet to the cutoff or threshold limit of this section, as they tend to ignore the English Language section, assuming it be easy in comparison with other sections.

Hence, reading the newspaper regularly can actually enhance the ability of a candidate and upskill his/her knowledge. For instance; reading comprehension, practising fast reading and sentence construction are some steps that a candidate must adopt in his/her bank exam preparation.

Prospective candidates should remember that clearing this section is equally important as the other sections of the bank PO exam syllabus.

To explore the SBI PO Mains English Syllabus, check at the linked article.

2. Quantitative Aptitude:

The bank PO Quantitative Aptitude section includes problems from middle school level i.e. 6th standard to 10th standard. For candidates who find mathematics as an interesting paper, they can solve the bank exam questions of this section easily.

The candidates must be accurate while solving the problems with speed. The entire bank PO syllabus mostly covers the elementary level of mathematical problems, hence a candidate must be aware of the short tricks for solving those problems.

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3. Computer Awareness:

This section is all about having fair knowledge of computer concepts and fundamentals. As per the bank PO syllabus, candidates need to cover the following topics like Digital Electronics, Basic Software and Hardware knowledge, Computer Networking and DMS, etc. as a part of the Computer Awareness section of the bank PO exam.

To explore High-Level Computer Language For Bank Exams, check at the linked article.

4. Reasoning Ability:

The Reasoning Ability section of bank PO generally tends to include a set of very tricky and confusing questions.

If candidates have weakness in a particular section, it is advisable that they should take as many quizzes and mock tests as possible to get habituated with the bank PO exam pattern and are able to solve the bank exam paper easily during the exam.

To know more about SBI PO Mains Reasoning Syllabus, check at the linked article.

5. General Knowledge:

In this section, day to day and current affairs are covered from various fields like Education, politics, sports, banking terms and concepts, and history of Indian banks, general Indian economy, etc.

This section of the bank PO exam syllabus is one among the most scoring sections. Candidates must make sure that they prepare themselves well for this section and stay updated with all the latest news and events happening in the country and across the world.

Hence for this section, candidates should stay up-to-date about current affairs by reading the newspapers, magazines or journals on a daily basis and be aware of all the recent happenings across the globe.

Candidates can get more question based on the bank exam syllabus for the bank PO exam at the links mentioned below:

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To conclude, we would advise aspiring candidates to be dedicated towards their goal to achieve success in the upcoming bank exams. The field of Banking is very competitive but with hard work and dedication, it is achievable.

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Aspirants preparing for the Bank PO exams must make sure that they solve mock tests and previous year question papers on a regular basis. This will help them understand the standard of question paper and also apprehend your performance level.

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