Operation Sard Hawa

Along the international border of Rajasthan, several infiltrations take place in winter under the cover of dense fog. Hence, to prevent these infiltrations and crackdown on potential security breaches in this region, BSF (Border Security Force) launched Operation Sard Hawa.

To know all the nitty-gritty regarding this operation with respect to the UPSC exam, delve into some details here. Students can further supplement their studies by reading newspapers. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

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Details of Operation Sard Hawa

  • BSF (Border Security Force) had launched Operation Sard Hawa along Rajasthan’s western border.
  • It is a week-long operation and was launched on 21 January 2021 and continued till 27 January 2021. It is carried out every year during this period.
  • Keeping Republic Day of India on the radar this operation will continue for a week.
  • There is another operation by the name of Operation Garam Hawa which BSF runs during summer. Both Operations Garam Hawa and Sard Hawa are part of routine exercises that BSF undertakes to prevent infiltration in different seasons.
  • Special checkpoints will be set up along the border under Operation Sard Hawa.

Approach to Operation Sard Hawa

This Operation is both crucial and vital to the nation’s safety. Hence, Border Security Force carries it out carefully and rigorously. Here is how they carry out the operation.

  • Operation Sard Hawa was initiated to closely monitor the international border between Pakistan and Rajasthan.
  • Under the aegis of this operation, jawans of BSF will patrol with advanced weapons surrounding police stations areas near the border.
  • BSF has increased the number of patrolling jawans in the region owing to the severity of the threat of infiltration.
  • Moreover, Operation Sard Hawa’s intelligence wing is kept in active mode during this period.
  • Border Security Force monitors this region both on foot as well as with vehicles.
  • Jawans also conduct foot point trekking. During this type of patrolling, the camels or vehicles used by infiltrators are detected.
  • Officers of all arms of BSF will join this exercise. Moreover, additional personnel (around 20-30%) will be deployed in some sensitive infiltration-prone places.
  • There will also be a four-layer security system in place along with gadgets and modern weapons.
  • Sometimes, joint patrolling of the police and the BSF are also carried out.
  • BSF will also carry out drills to increase the efficiency of the surveillance and intelligence department.
  • 20-30% of the army will be deployed to these borders.
  • Rehearsal of protection plan will also be carried out.

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Why is Operation Sard Hawa Important?

Apart from knowing the details of Operation Sard Hawa for UPSC, it is also necessary to know why this operation is important.

Operation Sard Hawa is important because it protects the nation from possible infiltration of ill-intentioned persons from the Pakistan border. Taking advantage of the fog that is likely to cover interior desert regions in winter, infiltrators pass into India’s borders. Hence, the operation is very vital for the security of the nation during the winter months.

Moreover, this operation is also important so that the sanctity of our Republic Day parade is not compromised. Keeping the parade in Delhi in mind, this operation is carried out with a specialised task force.

In conclusion, brave jawans of BSF are responsible for providing security and safety during the most important week in our nation’s calendar. They are also the world’s largest border security guardians.

Therefore, complete your preparation for UPSC prelims with all details of Operation Sard Hawa.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a moniker for the Border Security Forces?

It is also called the First Wall of Defence of Indian Territories.


When was BSF set up?

BSF was set up in 1965 during the Indo-Pakistan war.


What are the wings of the BSF?

The various arms of BSF are marine, air, commando and artillery units.


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