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Looking for the best Online Classes for IAS preparation? You have landed on the correct page. Selecting the best online coaching for IAS is a crucial element for success in the Civil Services Exam.

The UPSC Civil Services Examination is considered one of the toughest examinations conducted in India. Every year, lakhs of candidates appear in the examination hoping to join the prestigious Civil Services of India. The tough competition has given rise to an industry catering to coaching for IAS Exam in many major cities and towns.

Until recently, Delhi was considered the ‘hub of IAS Coaching’ in India. Many candidates still take a year or more off work to attend UPSC coaching in Delhi in the hopes of having a better chance at clearing the IAS exam. However, changing technology has made it possible to learn anything without having to travel physically to a class. UPSC online coaching and online IAS coaching videos make use of technology to enable aspirants to prepare for the exam from the comfort of their home. The chances of success in this exam are way higher if IAS coaching is taken up.

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Benefits of Civil Service Online Coaching

Over the past few years, and especially in the present scenario, online classes have played a major role in the education sector. Thus, major institutes offering online classes for civil services preparation have also emerged for the convenience of the candidates. 

The following are the advantages of online coaching for IAS:

  • Allows aspirants the flexibility to continue working or studying while preparing for the UPSC exam.
  • Online UPSC coaching is cost-effective compared to physical classrooms as there is no travel or relocation involved.
  • Online IAS coaching allows aspirants to download study material for revision, saving space, and time.
  • Makes it possible to give focussed guidance on IAS preparation and allows aspirants to identify their strong and weak areas, not always possible in physical classrooms.
  • Online classes also give comfort for the aspirants to learn and practice concepts at their own pace. Therefore, they can schedule their own preparation time depending on their availability and learning speed.
  • If you are looking for UPSC free coaching, UPSC online IAS coaching is the right solution.
Apart from being the best online platform for IAS preparation, BYJU’S also offers classroom programs. Aspirants can learn about the same through the links given below:

BYJU’S Free IAS Prep – Best Online classes for UPSC 2023

BYJU’S IAS offers the Best Online Coaching for IAS incorporating the latest technology and cutting edge expertise in IAS Coaching to help aspirants realise their UPSC Goals. The depth of information and material available for online learning at BYJU’S can be apprehended by visiting the UPSC Preparation page. 

Given below are the provisions available for the candidate’s convenience at BYJU’S, the best online IAS coaching in India:

  • Current Affairs: Current Affairs is the most important subject in the UPSC exam and also the most confusing. Due to the abundance of material on Current Affairs and the vastness of the UPSC Current Affairs Syllabus, it becomes difficult for candidates to focus on the relevant portions of the syllabus. BYJU’S Free IAS Prep tailors the Current Affairs for UPSC study material to be easy to understand and make preparation for IAS smooth and hassle-free. 
  • Video Lectures: BYJU’S Free IAS prep provides video lectures on the website as well as our YouTube channel. Known for their originality, usefulness, and focus, our lectures are designed and delivered by experts in the field of IAS coaching. These IAS online coaching videos in English and Hindi are accessible to all. 
  • Answer Writing Practice: It is common knowledge that practice sets the quality of preparation apart. With this in mind, we provide answer writing practice for mains through our “UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice”. You can leave your answers in the comments section and check out the feedback given by our mentors.
  • IAS Prep Tablet: The BYJU’S IAS Tablet enables you to avail of expert IAS coaching on the go. You will get access to all of our classes delivered by the best IAS coaches in the country. You will also have access to a comprehensive study plan along with regular tests and analysis. To highlight it all, you also get customized mentoring to suit your individual needs.

Aspirants can also refer to the list of leading Indian cities offering the best UPSC online course for civil services preparation at the IAS Coaching Centres page. 

Which online coaching is best for UPSC?

BYJU’S Online classes can be considered to be one of the top online coachings for IAS in the country. Given below are the important sources that will be available at BYJU’S for civils online coaching:

Daily Comprehensive News Analysis: sums up the important news articles of the day and also gives practice questions for the prelims and the mains exam.
Best of PIB: Provides a gist of PIB Releases for the day along with mock questions.
Issues in News: Provides detailed explanations of topics that regularly feature in the headlines.
Gist of Yojana: Presents the gist of the Yojana magazine that is important for the UPSC exam.
Gist of Rajya Sabha TV – Gives details about the news, views, and opinions that are discussed in the Rajya Sabha TV.
Current Affairs Quiz: A weekly quiz covering General Knowledge and Current Affairs for UPSC
Economic and Political Weekly: Gives a weekly update on the economic and political developments in the country for UPSC preparation.
Topic-Wise UPSC Prelims Question Papers and Solution PDFs – Subject-wise questions from the previous years’ prelims paper along with their solutions
Download UPSC Notes PDF (Free) – Detailed notes on various important topics for UPSC preparation
IAS Mock Tests – Practise papers based on the latest CSAT and GS pattern for candidates to evaluate their preparation status
Static GK – List of topics that are important from the general awareness perspective
Download NCERT Notes for UPSC PDF (Free) – NCERT notes prepared by the subject-matter experts and are recommended for both, UPSC Prelims and Mains
UPSC Previous Year Question Papers – These are the Mains question papers from the previous years and can be helpful in understanding the exam pattern and complexity of the exam even better
IAS Questions – Subject-wise questions on important topics with detailed answers
UPSC Monthly Magazine: Gives important news and analysis on a monthly basis for the IAS exam

How to Choose the Best Online Coaching Institute for UPSC IAS?

Over the years, the popularity and the competitiveness of the UPSC Civil Services Examination have increased a lot. This situation has attracted the opening of many institutions dedicated to teaching the UPSC Syllabus. The aspirants have ‘n’ number of options to choose where they want to learn. But the real question is how to choose the best online coaching platform for UPSC IAS Exam. Here are some of the important features of the best online coaching platform that a student should look for before enrolling in the classes:

  • Interactive support should be provided for the student. This allows the students to clear their doubts instantly and learn the concepts better.
  • The students also have to check the access to the materials and classes. When a student joins online coaching, the number of modules covered, the number of tests included in the package and all other related benefits included in the package have to be clearly mentioned beforehand.
  • The aspirants can filter the institutes based on the options of the medium of instruction of the teaching faculties.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Online Course for UPSC


Q 1. Is online coaching enough for IAS preparation?

Ans. Yes, if sufficient study material is available, interactive sessions with experienced faculty are accessible and mock tests and practise papers are provided for regular assessment of the candidate, online coaching can be of great help in IAS preparation.

Q 2. Which are the best online classes for IAS prelims?

Ans. Of the many options available today for UPSC preparation via online mode, BYJU’S offers the most comprehensive and detailed module for civil service preparation.

Q 3. How to enrol into the best online IAS coaching in India?

Ans. To enrol into BYJU’S IAS online classes, candidates can visit the BYJU’S office or call at +919243500460.

Q 4. Is online class better than offline for IAS preparation?

Ans. Both online and offline classes have their share of advantages and disadvantages. The best part of joining the best online institute for UPSC preparation is that 24×7 assistance is available, and no extra time is spent travelling and commuting to the desired location.

For more information on UPSC, please visit:

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